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Change is the way of all things. And with change comes devastation — And with devastation, opportunity. Growth. Evolution. Those great, dreaming dragons knew this.
  — Calder's last line  

Calder is the main antagonist in the graphic novel, The Serpent's Heir.


Attempting to Evolve

End me? Why would your dragons end me — when I am becoming one of them? Lower your weapons and submit to my glory so that you and your dragons might live long enough to witness my transformation.
  — Calder  

In the aftermath of the war against Drago Bludvist, Calder travels to Berk, acting as an ambassador or emissary for Nepenthe. He asks to speak with Stoick the Vast to beseech help for his people, not knowing that Stoick was recently deceased. He appears fairly unafraid of Berk's dragons which is somewhat unusual. Calder addresses Hiccup as Berk's Chief instead, asking for him to come to Nepenthe to investigate the frequent tremors and bodiless dragon growls there.

The Dragon Riders arrive at Nepenthe and are unable to find the source of the tremors. At a final meal, Calder poisons most of the dragons and Dragon Riders. Calder imprisons them and seeks to take Toothless' wings to complete his personal "transformation" into a dragon. Calder believes he was meant to be a dragon and believes the tremors are a sign for his "transformation".

Despite the destruction of his land and people, Calder continues to harass Hiccup in his pursuit of transformation. He has taken and wields Hiccup's Inferno blade. Hiccup throws a canister of Zippleback gas at the blade, exploding on Calder. Calder falls off a cliff in a blaze of fire.


Alas, change is the way of all things. But legacies endure.
  — Calder  

Calder is a troubled person who believes beyond reason that he was meant to be a dragon and not human. He feels that he must "evolve". His desire blinds him to the dangers to himself and his people, and feels justified in using devious means to achieve his "Evolution".

Physical Appearance

Calder has blonde hair and blue eyes, and appears to have dark eyebrows. He wears a long cloak to hide his extensive tattoos. The tattoos are to make him look like a dragon, and are green scale designs with stylized wings on his shoulders.



I am Calder of Nepenthe. My king, Mikkel the Munificent, has sent me here on a matter of grave import. [src]
The fate of our entire island is at stake. Please, you must tell me where is Stoick the Vast?
But you'll find our king is not like other leaders. He prefers a more natural setting from which to rule.
We didn't "do" anything. But I see some of you took King Mikkel's suggestion to visit our hot pools.
I have shed my old skin, Chief Hiccup. What do you think of my true form? Do you know I have always understood that I was different... even as a boy? Since birth, I've been a dark, coiled dragon trapped in the weak flesh of a man. But that's about to change for me — the son of a dragon. The Serpent's Heir.
My followers didn't believe either, not at first. But these quickening tremors are confirmation from the gods. Thanks to you, I now have the gift of fire. And thanks to your Night Fury, I will shortly have real wings, not this wooden —


  • The title of the graphic novel, "The Serpent's Heir", is referring to Calder.
  • Calder's appearance is similar to Viggo's concept art.
    • Coincidentally, he seemed to have shared the latter's "fall to supposed death".



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