I'm rocked and loaded. [src]
  — Burple  

Burple is a male Rockspitter dragon who appears in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


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Physical Appearance

Burple is a purple, stout, four legged dragon, with a pale purple underbelly. He has two teeth in his lower jaw that stick out when his mouth is closed. He has small wings and bumps all over his body.


Burple is a big, loveable, easy going guy!
  — DreamWorks Jr.  

Easily the most sensitive of the group, Burple is peaceful and difficult to anger. Burple may see Winger as a role model, due to his high speed flying. His infectiously pleasant attitude often endears him to others, and he returns the affection in return.

Due to his sensitivity, he is also prone to fear and anxiety, and often feels isolated and inferior because he is physically slower than the others. He can also be at times smart and clever.

Abilities and Skills

Barrel Roll: Burple is able to roll into a ball shape and roll along the ground. He can get up to high speed and power, enough to even break through a rock wall.

Item Storage: As a Rockspitter dragon, Burple has four stomachs, three of which are used for storage. He typically stores rocks of various sizes, but can also store other items such as tools or apples. The stomachs are soft enough to house eggs safely without cracking them.

Fire-Starting: Burple has devised a trick to spit a rock out and hit another rock near flammable material such as wood. This creates a spark to light the material and start a fire.

Back Burp: Burple calls his passing of gas from the rear a 'back burp'. While not a particularly extraordinary ability, he is able to start utilizing it as a source of propulsion, as seen in "Slobber Power.

Thick Skin: According to Leyla in "Hot, Hot, Hot", Burple has the thickest skin which makes him temporarily restraint to high temperatures.

Magnetism: If Burple eats iron ore and when close to belzium his body will become magnetic.


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  • In the episode "Crash Course", Burple reveals that his right wing is slightly smaller than his left.
    • Also Burple indicated that his third stomach is sensitive to copper ore.
  • When DreamWorks first introduced Burple on social media, he was called a Gronckle. This was a error, however, since in the series itself he's confirmed to be a Rockspitter, not a Gronckle.
  • According to Winger in "Sick Day", Burple hates surprise parties.

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