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Burple is a male Rockspitter dragon who appears in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Integrating into a Human Town

Burple and his group of dragons and the human twins Dak and Leyla come across a Viking man about to drown from a shipwreck in the episode, "The Nest". They rescue him and the man turns out to be the Chief of Huttsgalor, named Duggard. He invites them back to his village, where the dragon group helps the villagers clean up after a fierce storm. Some villagers, such as Magnus Finke, dislike the dragons' presence, and tried to get them evicted by accusing Burple of eating the town's prize sheep, Haggis. Feeling unaccepted, the dragon group leaves town. However, Magnus' Auto Lumberjack Machine goes haywire and the group returns to save the town from damage. The villagers are thankful. The blacksmith Hannahr finds Haggis and uncovers Magnus' deception. As thanks, Duggard offers an old lighthouse as a permanent residence. The group accepts. Duggard also calls them the 'Rescue Riders', a name which Burple and the others like well and adopt.

In "Deep Trouble", Burple is dismayed that Dak has arranged for the team to do 'Fast Blast Drills', rather than 'Rock Eating', which he would excel at. Later, he listens as Elbone tells the Rescue Riders that he is going into the Maze Caves to map them. When Dak, Cutter, and Winger rush into the caves to find Elbone - who is not lost - Burple stays behind. He does help Leyla and Summer find everyone though in the end. He also eats Rocky, Elbone's pet rock, but regurgitates it up again for him.

Burple learns about a holiday on Huttsgalor called Hoogenboo. Marena tells the story of the Phantom Fang, but no one believes her, though she insists it is real, all except Burple. Burple encounters the invisible Phantom Fang trying to steal Haggis, and again the next day where he only sees a pair of floating red eyes. Later, the invisible force starts wreaking havoc in the village. Leyla determines that the 'ghost' is actually a Slinkwing dragon. The other riders fight it off, but are only successful after Burple has the idea to mark the camouflaging dragon for pumpkin goo.

Burple, along with the other Rescue Riders, help out Huttsgalor by moving sheep from pasture to pasture in "Where There's Smoke". Unfortunately, fires keep developing near the sheep flock, and Duggard asks the Riders to put out the fires. Magnus accuses Cutter of starting them, so the Riders investigate the cause of the fires. Ultimately, they find the culprit - a Fire Fury named Aggro - who was trying to use fire to protect the sheep from wolves. The Rescue Riders clear Cutter's name and ask Aggro to join the team.

When the town's metal objects start falling apart, Chief Duggard asks the Rescue Riders to find more Belzium. It quickly devolves into a competition amongst the Riders and Magnus. While looking on his own, Burple falls asleep. He later meets up with Cutter and Aggro. Eventually, they start cooperating when Leyla says that the other Riders and Magnus are trapped in a cave and need help. When everyone is cooperating, Burple and the others are able to liberate their friends, as well as stop a runaway boulder of Belzium that threatens the town. Burple makes the final assault on stopping the boulder, saving two children and stopping it right in front of the smithy.

Burple and the other Rescue Riders inadvertently make new member Aggro feel left out and not part of the team in "Iced Out". After they leave her behind to watch a fire while they go fishing, Aggro leaves to help Elbone on a dragon egg rescue mission on her own. When the Riders realize that she went to Huttsgalor's icy region and that she might be in danger, Burple and the other Riders fly out to find her. With the help of a new dragon friend, Aggro and Elbone are able to signal to the Riders before falling over a high icy waterfall. When everyone is safe and sound back at the Roost, the Twins and Burple apologize to Aggro for making her feel left out, and explain that the other Riders have been together for a long time and it is a little hard changing to accommodate a new member.

Burple is the first to get sick with the Dreaded Dragon Flu in "Sick Day". He sneezes violently and spits rocks everywhere uncontrollably and gets woozy in the air. Leyla and Summer find out that Help Kelp is a cure, and retrieve it, curing Burple and the other sick dragons.

Burple and his fellow Rescue Riders reluctantly saved Magnus in "Bad Egg". He created a false egg to hide inside and infiltrate the Roost, so that he could steal Leyla's Dragon Diary. Cutter caught Magnus sneaking around and sealed him inside with Slinkwing slime and rolled him out into the cold night. A mother Silver-tailed Ironclaw took the 'egg' away to her nest to raise. After finding out what had transpired Burple and the others fly off to find the egg and try to get it away from an angry Mama Ironclaw. Eventually, they convince the angry dragon to calm down and prove that the egg wasn't real.

Burple and the Rescue Riders found three abandoned eggs in the forest while gathering supplies for training in "Home Alone". They took the eggs back to the Roost to care for them. Dak, Winger, Summer, and Leyla then leave with Duggard, putting Burple, Aggro, and Cutter in charge of caring for the eggs. The three immediately started arguing about who is in charge. Meanwhile, a trio of Slinkwings, had their own plans for the eggs - dinner. While arguing who is leader, Burple, Aggro, and Cutter allowed themselves to be tricked by the Slinkwings into thinking the eggs are Slinkwing eggs. After the three realized that the orphan eggs were not Slinkwing eggs, they worked together as a team to get the eggs back by painting rocks to look like eggs, and tricked the Slinkwings back. By the time Dak, Leyla, Winger, and Summer return, the eggs were safe and sound in the Roost again.

Burple - along with Winger, Aggro, and Dak - secretly followed Elbone into Thornbane Valley to protect him while he collects plants, in "Slobber Power". Elbone eventually stumbled upon a dangerous patch of Tangle Vine, and gets grabbed by the vines before the Riders can stop him. Burple and the others tried to free him, but get caught themselves. Being on the small side, Aggro was barely able to squeeze out and get help from the remaining Riders. Ultimately Burple, Dak, Elbone and the trapped dragons were freed by Sizzle the Slobber Smelter's acidic drool.

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Physical Appearance

Burple is a purple, stout, four legged dragon, with a pale purple underbelly. He has two teeth in his lower jaw that stick out when his mouth is closed. He has small wings and bumps all over his body.


Burple is a big, loveable, easy going guy!
  — DreamWorks Jr.  

Easily the most sensitive of the group, Burple is peaceful and difficult to anger. Burple may see Winger as a role model, due to his high speed flying. His infectiously pleasant attitude often endears him to others, and he returns the affection in return.

Due to his sensitivity, he is also prone to fear and anxiety, and often feels isolated and inferior because he is physically slower than the others.

Abilities and Skills

Barrel Roll: Burple is able to roll into a ball shape and roll along the ground. He can get up to high speed and power, enough to even break through a rock wall.

Item Storage: As a Rockspitter dragon, Burple has four stomachs, three of which are used for storage. He typically stores rocks of various sizes, but can also store other items such as tools or apples. The stomachs are soft enough to house eggs safely without cracking them.

Fire-Starting: Burple has devised a trick to spit a rock out and hit another rock near flammable material such as wood. This creates a spark to light the material and start a fire.

Back Burp: Burple calls his passing of gas from the rear a 'back burp'. While not a particularly extraordinary ability, he is able to start utilizing it as a source of propulsion, as seen in "Slobber Power.


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  • In the episode "Crash Course", Burple reveals that his right wing is slightly smaller than his left.
  • Also in "Crash Course", Burple indicated that his third stomach is sensitive to copper ore.
  • When DreamWorks first introduced Burple on social media, he was called a Gronckle. This was a error, however, since in the series itself he's confirmed to be a Rockspitter, not a Gronckle.

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