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My friend Brunnhild the Beauty wants a pink rose for her husband. It's tough to find pink roses in the wild, but I have a solution. If you bring me a red rose and a white rose, I can cross pollinate them to grow pink roses.
  — Phlegma in "School of Dragons"  

Brunnhild the Beauty is some one mentioned only once in the game, School of Dragons.

Physical Appearance

Brunnhild is only ever mentioned by name, but her nickname is "the Beauty", indicating that she is physically attractive, at least in terms of the views of the Franchise's Vikings.


Brunnhild the Beauty is only mentioned once in the Quest, "Flowers", where Phlegma tells the player that her friend has requested a pink flower for her husband. The player must then go to the Wilderness area on School of Dragons Island and find one white rose and one red rose, so Phlegma can cross-breed them and hopefully grow a pink rose.


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