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The Brooding Boltstamper is a hybrid between a Rumblehorn and a Skrill that first appeared in the gameDragons: Titan Uprising.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Brooding Boltstampers possess the built of a Rumblehorn, while their head, as well as wings, are a mix between their parental species. Similar to the Skrill, they have sharp, metallic spines running down their backs to their tails.


Tough Skin

Brooding Boltstampers have very thick skin, even more so than their parents' species, which protects them from strong attacks.

Tracking Skills

Brooding Boltstampers inherit the tracking skills of their Rumblehorn lineage, enabling them to track fleeing enemies for miles.



The Brooding Boltstamper inherits the inability to smell dragonberry from its Rumblehorn lineage. If a target is covered in dragonberry juice, a Brooding Boltstamper will be unable to smell it.

Behavior and Personality

Thanks to their more even-keeled Rumblehorn stock, Wild Boltstampers show just how good Skrills could be as training partners if they could only temper their anger. They possess all of their electrical ancestors cleverness, resilience, and power — but none of the bloodlust!
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

The Brooding Boltstamper's behavior falls somewhere in between that of each parent, though behaviorally they tend to favor that of the Rumblehorn more than the Skrill. Though they are more level-headed, they can be quick to anger and also charge into battle fearlessly.



Dragons: Titan Uprising

The Brooding Boltstamper was first introduced in this game, along with many other dragon hybrids. The only way a player can obtain a Brooding Boltstamper is by breeding a Rumblehorn and a Skrill in the Breedery.


  • Legends Evolved uses the earlier name of this species, Rumbling Gutbuster.


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