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Hiccup: "Maybe you could stop scratching your butt while I'm talking to you."
Snotlout: "Sorry, it's just all this broad grass in my shorts."
Hiccup: "And your shorts are full of broad grass why?"
Snotlout: "More importantly, why aren't yours? The twins told me it prevents saddle chafing."
Hiccup: "Oh, they did, did they? They also let the sheep in, and sheep love broad grass."

Broad grass is a plant mentioned in the Dragons: Defenders of Berk episode "The Flight Stuff".


"Broad grass", or "broad-leaf grass" is a term used for many types of grass that have wider leaves than most other grasses. In the franchise however, it is a specific species of grass that consists of properties that cause itchiness when rubbed against the skin. It's suggested it also has a scent that can attract sheep even when it is not visible.


Not much is known about broad grass other than sheep enjoy it as a treat. Tuffnut and Ruffnut know that sheep are attracted to it and used it to get sheep to mob Snotlout as a prank.


Dragons: Defenders of Berk

In the episode "The Flight Stuff", Snotlout thinks he's dying and is training Gustav to take his place as a Dragon Rider. The twins enjoy pranking him into thinking he keeps witnessing the five "Signposts of Valhalla" to support his belief that he's about to die. They tell him that putting broad grass in his underwear can prevent saddle chafing, when in reality they know sheep will be attracted to him, and cause him to believe he's witnessing the "Shepherd's Curse"; one of the Signposts. Along with the sheep crowding him, the grass also causes Snotlout's backside to itch uncontrollably.


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