Alright, if I'm gonna babysit you terrors, it's gonna be on my terms. [src]
  — Snotlout  

Brisket, Saddle, Chuck, Rump, Loin, Scrag, Cutlet, Ham Hock, Sausages, Offal, Knuckle, and Pot Roast are twelve baby Monstrous Nightmares trained by Snotlout in the short story "Litter Sitter", which is part of the comic The Ice Castle.


Under Snotlout's Care

Gobber assigned Snotlout to keep an eye on the baby Monstrous Nightmares while the rest of the riders were on patrol. This served as a way of keeping Snotlout out of trouble. The twelve babies were a hassle, as even Hookfang couldn't keep them settled, but Snotlout was able to get them to calm down and put them to sleep.

After naming them, he realized that only eleven of the babies were present, as Pot Roast was missing. Snotlout frantically searched the area and found Pot Roast attempting to fly by jumping off of a cliff. Snotlout caught him and warned him not to fly until he was ready. The other Dragon Riders then returned to find an exhausted Snotlout sleeping with the babies.


  • It is possible that these baby Monstrous Nightmares are the same ones that came to Berk in Gift of the Night Fury. If so, they are also possibly Hookfang's offspring.


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