Frequently causes avalanches when burrowing on snowy mountains. Be cautious. [src]
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Brisk Whispers are a group of Whispering Deaths appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Brisk Whispers are the chilly member of the Whispering Death family. They lurk deep inside cold crevices across the tundra waiting for food or foes, and should only be approached with extreme caution in the wild.
Brisk Whispers found in the wild are extremely difficult to train or befriend, but those born and raised on Berk are (slightly) more sociable. And since these subterranean serpents are sightless, they recoil from loud sounds and sudden movements.
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Physical Appearance

Brisk Whispers are pure white with light blue shades and dark blue spikes. Their eyes are pitch black, in contrast to their skin.

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