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Brenda: "Who wants to be devious and sneaky?"
Ruffnut: "Who doesn't want to be devious and sneaky?""
Brenda: "Us. Duh."[src]

Brenda is a child from Berk who visits the Dragon Riders on Dragon's Edge, and is later revealed to be a niece of Fishlegs. She appears in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6 episode, Loyal Order of Ingerman.


Dragon Explorers

Brenda is a member of Berk's Dragon Explorers, a group of children learning about Dragons through earning 'badges'. Gobber brings Brenda, Brant, and Shrug to Dragon's Edge for a Dragon Explorer's field trip. Fishlegs is supposed to be teaching and supervising them, but leaves the children in the charge of the Twins while he investigates something on Dramillion Island.

The Twins take them to the woods and teach (or corrupt) them about Hideous Zipplebacks. The Twins light a fire with Zippleback gas too close to them, leaving charcoal smeared on their faces. The Twins also encourage the children to be "devious" and "sneaky", and "a little is never enough" Zippleback gas. After the arrival of Snoutlout, the children disappear and play on Dragon's Edge, causing a flying stampede of Night Terrors. As Fishlegs returns, the children are found back at the huts. They blow up some of the supports on Snotlout's Hut, employing the Twins teachings of being sneaky, devious, and a little Zippleback gas is never enough. The children also welcome back "Uncle Fishlegs".

Physical Appearance

Brenda is a small female child with golden blonde hair plaited into two pony-tails. Like Fishlegs and the other children, she has green eyes. She wears a sleeveless dark teal tunic.


Brenda appears to be the natural leader in the group of three children, as she speaks up the most and questions what she is told. She appears confident, cocksure and unafraid of authority.



  • Brenda's character model is the same as that of Astrid Hofferson as a child. The same character model is occasionally seen in the background on Berk in other episodes. It is not clear if that background character is the same person as Brenda, and is finally named in "Loyal Order of Ingerman". This character module is yet again re-used for Astrid and Hiccup's daughter, Zephyr, although the colors are changed and some slight modifications and outfit adjustments are made.


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