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Burple: Help me. Help me. Oh, please, help me.

Leyla: In today's training exercise, we have a scared dragon stuck in a tree.

Cutter: Played by Burple. Good call.

Leyla: Your goal is to talk him down out of the tree. Because not every rescue mission has to involve blasting stuff.

Dak: The fun ones do. Am I right, Wing? What?

Winger: Leyla's right, Dak. Nothing wrong with talking your way out of trouble.

Leyla: Exactly. Sometimes a few calming words are all you need. Who would like to talk our scared dragon down?

Cutter: I got this.

Leyla: Okay, Burple, you're on.

Burple: Oh, my. The ground is so far away.

Cutter: You have wings. Fly down here.

Burple: Okay.

Leyla: No, no! Stay there. You're missing the point. Try to convince him to come down.

Cutter: I bet if I cut the tree down he'd be convinced.

Dak: Oh, come on, he was kidding.

Cutter: He's right, I was. A little.

Summer: Allow me to demonstrate the proper technique. Stranded dragon, may I be of assistance?

Burple: I am caught in this tree and I am scared.

Summer: Your fear's reasonable. A fall from that height could be very painful.

Burple: It could? I was just pretending to be scared before.

Winger: That sounds like real trouble.

Dak: Yes! I mean, it's coming from Huttsgalor.

Winger: Rescue Riders, let's fly!

Burple: Wait, what about me?

Cutter: Seriously, Burps, you have wings.

Burple: Oh, yeah, right. Whoa!

Winger: Cutter, Burple, protect the kids.

Duggard: Whoa! Scary pumpkins. I must run away!

Winger: What's going on here?

Magnus Finke: Oh, look, the flying fun stoppers have arrived!

Duggard: Happy Hoogenboo, Rescue Riders!

Dak: Hoogen-what?

Duggard: Oh, uh, right. You're all new around here. It's the annual Harvest Festival. We didn't mean to spook you.

Magnus: Now if you excuse me, my Automatical Pumpkin Hoogenbooster has some masterpieces to create. Voila.

Dak: That acutally looks pretty good.

Magnus: Listen to the renowned art critic who... Oh, well, of course it looks good. How could you doubt it?

Leyla: What do pumpkins and that mask have to do with Hoogenboo?

Duggard: I play Hoogenboo, the spirit of winter. The scary pumpkins are to scare me and my cold weather away. That's how the festival started years and years ago. Now a days, we all try to scare each other for fun.

Female Villager: Hoogenboo!

Duggard: Hoogenboo!

Cutter: Hoogenboo-schmoogenboo. None of you will be able to spook me.

Dak: We'll see about that.

Leyla: It's okay, Burple. Sounds like Hoogenboo is just for fun.

Marena: Or is it?

Cutter: Classic Marena entrance.

Leyla: Have you been hiding there all day?

Marena: That's a mystery that will never be solved unlike the true meaning of Hoogenboo.

Duggard: Now, Marena...

Marena: The purple one is right to be afraid. Hoogenboo is about scaring away something far more dangerous than the Spirit of Winter.

Burple: I don't like the sound of that.

Leyla: Marena, what do you mean?

Marena: I have been many places and I have seen many things.

Leyla: And?

Marena: All right. But remember, you asked. The real reason for all this scariness at Hoogenboo is to keep away The Phantom Fang!

Duggard: Marena, everyone knows The Phantom Fang is just a myth.

Summer: Don't worry, Burple.

Leyla: I'm sure Duggard is right, it's just a myth.

Marena: A myth, you say? Well, I've seen its handiwork. Entire villages wrecked overnight by an invisible thing. The only traces it leaves behind, a sticky green slime.

Dak: Green slime? What kind of monster has...

Marena: Not a monster... a ghost.

Burple: What?

Dak: Come on, Marena. Ghosts?

Leyla: We aren't scared by your Hoogenboo story.

Marena: It is not a story. The Phantom Fang is real. So far, Huttsgalor has been spared its wrath, but someday it will choose us, make no mistake!

Cutter: She's really not letting this one go, is she?

Marena: What did he say?

Dak: He said, we'd love to hear more, but we've got training to get back to.

Winger: Rescue Riders, let's fly.

Marena: Eh. Suit yourselves.

Cutter: A ghost? She really thought we'd fall for that?

Burple: Yeah. Who would believe that?

Burple: Pumpkin Bucket!

Winger: Pumpkin?

Summer: Bucket?

Burple: The Phantom Fang had it and...

Cutter: Burple, you were dreaming.

Burple: It seemed so real.

Winger: But it wasn't, Burps.

Cutter: Your yelling was, though.

Burple: Sorry, guys.

Summer: Burple, are you going to be okay?

Burple: Yeah. Gonna take a walk. Maybe have a midnight snack. It was just a dream. Just a dream. That's probably just the wind. And that's probably the wind stepping on a twig. Oh! Where did the fish go? I'm pretty sure I didn't eat all of them. Haggis. Of course, it's just you. There's no such thing as... The Phantom Fang! Put down Haggis! Attack! Attack! We're under attack!

Summer: Attack?

Winger: Summer, go wake Dak and Leyla. Burple, cover the door. Cutter, you're with me. Who's out there?

Burple: The thing is...

Cutter: have a bad feeling about this.

Burple: It's The Phantom Fang.

Summer: Another dream?

Burple: No. I saw it. Outside.

Winger: What's it look like?

Burple: Well see, it's invisible.

Summer: Then how did you see it?

Burple: It had Haggis. He was just floating in the air and... Haggis, tell them.

Cutter: Another nightmare.

Summer: You were just scared by that Hoogenboo story, Burple. Relax and get some sleep.

Burple: Thanks for nothing.

Winger: Rise and shine, everyone.

Summer: Did you stay up all night?

Burple: Not on purpose.

Cutter: Because of your dream?

Burple: It wasn't a dream. It was real.

Dak: A ghost? Flying sheep? Sounds like a dream to me. A fun one, too.

Burple: But it wasn't.

Leyla: You really believe you saw something, don't you?


Leyla: Then come on, let's check it out.

Burple: Really?

Summer: Absolutely.

Dak: Maybe it was real. Maybe The Phantom Fang is still here. Now he's outside. Getting closer.

Cutter: Not falling for it, Winger. You can't trick me.

Dak: Okay. Winger, you can stop.

Winger: We didn't scare him at all?

Dak: Not this time.

Cutter: It was a good try anyway. Don't give up.

Burple: Maybe we should come back after fog clears. Or never, that would work, too.

Leyla: Don't worry, Burple. We've got your back. Point out where you saw Haggis floating.

Burple: Right about there.

Summer: What exactly do we expect to find?

Leyla: Nothing. But if it makes Burple feel better that we looked, then it's worth it.

Burple: I guess maybe it was a dream.

Leyla: Sorry Burple, I don't see anything.

Summer: Not so fast.

Leyla: Grass is trampled down.

Summer: Exactly.

Leyla: Something was here. Hard to say what.

Burple: The Phantom Fang?

Summer: Ghosts don't leave footprints.

Leyla: Trail goes this way. Coming?

Burple: I'll stay here.

Leyla: Okay.

Burple: Leyla? Summer? Help!

Leyla: What is it?

Burple: The Phantom Fang! He's right there.

Leyla: Where?

Burple: Wait. He threw a pumpkin at me.

Summer: You probably saw a wolf. We found some sort of tracks over there.

Burple: It wasn't a wolf, this had scary red eyes!

Leyla: Maybe it was Dak or Winger trying to play a joke on you.

Summer: Whatever it was, it wasn't a ghost.

Burple: Marena said...

Leyla: Marena was just trying to scare you. You know, for Hoogenboo.

Burple: Or maybe she was trying to warn us.

Leyla: You know what? Best way to find out, let's go ask her.

Summer: Um, are you sure about that?

Leyla: Of course. Once she tells Burple the truth, he'll totally calm down.

Burple: Okay.

Leyla: There she is. Marena?

Marena: Ha! Oh. It is just you.

Leyla: Were you going to fight us?

Marena: Not if I didn't need to. These mackeral aren't great fighting fish. Now you give me a pair of ice tail pike and I can take down a whole ship full of pirates! Ha, ha! I know, because I already have. Something I can do for you, Rescue Riders?

Leyla: Yes. Would you please explain to Burple here that there's no such thing as The Phantom Fang?

Marena: I'm Sorry, but that I will not do.

Leyla: Look I get the whole "it's Hoogenboo, so let's scare everybody" thing. But Burple here, he's sensitive.

Marena: Yes. I can see that.

Leyla: And he really believes you.

Marena: As he should.

Leyla: So if you could tell him the truth about Phantom Fang...

Marena: But of course. The Phantom Fang is very real!

Leyla: Hey!

Marena: Lo siento, but you asked for the truth. It's a village-destroying ghost that fears only one thing! The light. It cannot stand to be seen. But do not worry, purple one. I am sure the Phantom Fang is nowhere near here.

Burple: Really?

Leyla: See, Burps? There's nothing to worry about.

Burple: Whew. I'm relieved.

Leyla: Thanks, Marena.

Marena: No problema. That red-eyed demon wouldn't dare come within a hundred miles of me!

Burple: Did she say "red-eyed"?

Magnus: Watch it, you lavender lout!

Leyla: Sorry, Magnus. Burple here is building a bonfire to keep The Phantom Fang away.

Dak: He fell for Marena's fake Hoogenboo story.

Magnus:' Fake? I wouldn't say it's fake.

Leyla: Magnus, you don't believe in The Phantom Fang.

Magnus: Of course not. But I am making a lot gold selling my painted pumpkins to scare it away, so you will never hear me say it's fake.

Winger: Here he comes again.

Cutter: Maybe he could use a hand. Hey, Burps!

Burple: Oops.

Magnus: Of course.

Burple: Oh, no. What have I done?

Cutter: Sorry, Burps.

Dak: We're very sorry. It was an accident.

Magnus: Obviously. Could've happened to anyone.

Leyla: Wow, he took that well.

Magnus: Duggard! I need to talk to you!

Dak: Or not.

Burple: That's it. I doomed the town. Marena said that the Phantom Fang feared the light. And now it's all gone.

Leyla: Burple, building a fire to protect the town is very heroic. But The Phantom Fang is not real.

Cutter: Uh, Leyla.

Leyla: Marena made it up.

Cutter: Seriously, Leyla.

Leyla: There's nothing to be scared off.

Dak: Leyla!

Leyla: Dak, I'm trying to convince him there is no such thing as... Never mind.

Dak: What just happened?

Butple: See it's a ghost. It went right through us.

Summer: Not through us.

Leyla: Over us.

Summer: My thoughts exactly.

Leyla: Only one way to be sure. Gotcha. Whoa! Whoa! I'm not that easy to shake!

Dak: What was that?'

Leyla: Just trying to prove a theory. The Phantom Fang is no ghost. Ghosts don't have scales. It's a dragon. Isn't this awesome, guys? A new dragon right here in Huttsgalor.

Dak: It would be more awesome if this dragon wasn't also trying to destroy Huttsgalor.

Winger: Wait, it's just a dragon? We can take a dragon. Phantom Fang, if that is your real name, stop immediately. This village is under the protection of the Rescue...

Dak: Winger!

Marena: Hyah! I told you The Phantom Fang was real.

Leyla: There must be a reason why he's here. Most wild dragons avoid humans.

Cutter: I don't think this guy's like most dragons.

Dak: Rescue Riders, spread out!

Winger: Let's show this dragon how we protect our town and our friends.

Leyla: Burple, see if you can get that fire restarted.

Burple: The fire? Why?

Leyla: Because, I think the legend of The Phantom Fang is really about this dragon.

Burple: On it!

Marena: I will help the purple one.

Dak: Anything?

Leyla: Nope. Cutter, you have the best eyesight, what have you got?

Cutter: I don't see him. Maybe he ran for it.

Summer: Cutter!

Winger: Look out!

Cutter: My wings are stuck!

Summer: Guess Marena was right about the green slime!

Leyla: Green slime! That's it! We're up against a Slinkwing. They have chameleon-like powers to blend into the background.

Cutter: Oh, fascinating and gross! Can someone get this stuff off me?

Summer: Gotcha, Cutter.

Lurke: But who's got you?

Dak: We do!

Winger: Hey, that's cheating!

Leyla: Any luck with the fire?

Burple: It's just too wet with paint.

Dak: We could use a little help up here.

Marena: Get back in the fight, I'll protect your friends.

Leyla: On our way.

Summer: Aha! Sorry!

Winger: This dragon is starting to bug me.

Summer: Finally, we lost him!

Leyla: Spoke too soon. It slid right off. Maybe because you're a water dragon?

Summer: Maybe.

Magnus: They don't stand a chance up there. What? I'm just stating the obvious. You can't fight what you can't see.

Burple: Hmm. That's it.

Magnus: By all means, eat my inventory, you've already ruined my machine anyway.

Dak: What's he doing?

Leyla: Did he freeze?

Winger: Burple get out of there, you're an easy target!

Burple: I hope so. In fact, I hope he's sneaking up on me right now!

Lurke: Really? Was that supposed to hurt me?

Burple: No. It was supposed to mark you.

Lurke: What? Why you...

Winger: Oh, no, you don't!

Summer: Not so tough when people can see you.

Lurke: Who are you?

Burple: The Rescue Riders.

Lurke: Who?

Dak: We're the people telling you to leave Huttsgalor alone!

Lurke: This isn't over. You haven't seen the last of me.

Summer: We barely saw the first of him.

Leyla: Until Burple came up with the idea to mark him.

Dak: Good job, buddy.

Duggard: Happy Hoogenboo!

Cutter: Oh, that feels good. Thanks, Summer.

Summer: Water beats slime every time.

Marena: So, I was right. The Phantom Fang was real.

Leyla: Well, it was a dragon, not a ghost.

Marena: But I was right.

Duggard: Oh, yes. You were right. Very right, always.

Marena: I told you.

Dak: A Slinkwing, huh.

Leyla: I don't know why I didn't figure it out sooner. It's right here. Slinkwings are sneaky dragons who mainly steal their food.

Summer: It all fits with the legend. The Slinkwing shows up at Hoogenboo because...

Burple: He loves pumpkins?

Leyla: Among other things. It is the harvest festival.

Cutter: So there's a lot of different foods all in one place. Huh. Easy for him to steal.

Burple: Including pumpkins.

Dak: I bet he doesn't love pumpkins anymore, Burps, thanks to you.

Duggard: He saved the whole town!

Marena: Ahem!

Duggard: Oh, he and Marena, of course.

Leyla: I'm sorry, Burple. Even if we didn't believe in ghosts, we should've believed in you.

Burple: Uh, that's okay. There was a time that I didn't sort of believe in me, either.

Cutter: Aren't we missing the bigger picture? I made it through Hoogenboo, and no one was able to scare me.

Leyla: That is true. Cutter is pretty much scare-proof.

Marena: Oh, fantastico. So he would not be scared by the tale of the Giant Eels of Tortuga.

Leyla: Dragons are afraid of eels.

Marena: Everyone is afraid of these eels. Biggest I have ever seen. Could swallow you whole. They broke through my ship's hull like it was made of paper.

Dak: What did you do?

Marena: My ship was sinking. What could I do? I swam for it. The hungry eels right behind me. Snapping at my feet with their terrible razor teeth! Getting closer. Closer. Closer! Suddenly...

Burple: Boo!

Cutter: You got me, Burps.

Marena: Heh. Not so scare-proof after all, eh?

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