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Bonecrusher's Conquest is a Scauldron that first appeared in the episode, "Big Man on Berk".

Official Description

Taming this wild Scauldron is a dangerous and difficult task, even for the likes of Thor Bonecrusher!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Encounter with Thor Bonecrusher

In "Big Man on Berk", the Dragon Riders are tasked with moving this Scauldron out of one of Berk's fishing routes. However, Fishlegs' sneezing caused the Riders to fail at their mission and for the Scauldron to escape. After Fishlegs was hypnotized by Gothi and mistakenly believed that he was Thor Bonecrusher, he set out to tame this Scauldron. However, the dragon fought back and required the rest of the Riders to help out. This Scauldron was about to blast its boiling hot water at Meatlug, but Fishlegs snapped out of his hypnosis and saved Meatlug. This Scauldron was then captured and relocated to somewhere far outside of Berk's waters.

Physical Appearance

In Dragons: Race to the Edge, this dragon appears similar to all other Scauldrons. However, in Dragons: Rise of Berk, a bluish color is added to its belly, lower jaw, tip of its wings, and tip of its tail. It was also slightly turquoise in colour. Though it is likely the colors are just to distinguish it from other Scauldrons.



  • Bonecrusher's Conquest is the first Scauldron to be seen flying in the air.


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