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      Boiling Springs Valley is an area on Huttsgalor, known for its geysers, that is first seen in the episode "Furious Fun".


Boiling Springs Valley is a steep-sided trench on Huttsgalor where ground water is influenced by geothermal heat, creating frequent geysers. This is suggestive of volcanic activity within the island. The geysers appear to erupt irregularly, but often sequentially along the length of the trench. As a result of the water, the bottom of the valley is full of sticky mud. This location is dangerous to both dragons and humans.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

In "Furious Fun", a pair of Fire Furies insist on playing around in Boiling Springs Valley, despite warnings from Aggro. They subsequently get themselves in trouble and stuck in mud at risk of being burning by boiling water, and signal the Rescue Riders to help them.

Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

In "Hot, Hot, Hot", Aggro went to Boiling Springs Valley while she was shading her scales and used the heat from the geysers in order to cope with the process.

In "Charged Up", the Rescue Riders competed against Magnus' Mechano-Dragon inside Boiling Springs Valley. Aggro and Axel Finke raced to rescue the Elbone Doll from across the Valley. Axel managed to won the race. Seeing how dangerous the Valley was, Duggard the Decisive decided to block its entrance with a wall. Winger blasted a nearby cliff, causing an avalanche that blocked the entrance to the Valley with boulders.

In "Game of Horns", during the final test of the titular event, Magnus and Burple raced through the Boiling Springs Valley.

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