Bob's Wife appears in the DreamWorks Animation Olympic video tribute, Bobsled.


Sometime possibly before the events of the How to Train Your Dragon Movie, Bob became a "sled" for Astrid and Hiccup to ride in a winter competition called "Bobsledding". During the decent down a snowy mountain, Bob and the kids ran into Bob's Wife's laundry as she was hanging it out to dry, ruining it. She may also have been tending a flock of sheep at the same time, as there is a large group close to her laundry.

Physical Description

Bob's Wife, like many women of Berk, is of stout build. She has two thick dark brown braids. She wears a four-horned helmet and small metal pauldrons, over a sleeveless green and brown shift.



Bob's Wife only appears in this DreamWorks Winter Olympic Tribute video.


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