Boarhead Island is an island that was mentioned in "Appetite for Destruction", but was completely sunken by the Screaming Death.


Dragons: Defenders of Berk

During the events of "Appetite for Destruction", Hiccup and the rest of the riders, in a dragon migration census, tag the dragons found on Boarhead Island with Periwinkle Blue paint. The Screaming Death soon tears through the island, sinking it, while the wild dragons flee across to surrounding islands like Crescent Island, Sunstone Island, and Thor Rock Island.


  • Several mistakes in the color-coding of islands, including Boarhead, have been noticed.
    • Hiccup had first identified Boarhead Island on the map as purple, but had mentioned earlier that Crescent Island was marked purple.
    • When Fishlegs identified the dragons tagged with Periwinkle Blue paint, Hiccup remarked that they were from Boarhead Island.


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