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Who would win if a Skullion was to fight a Bloody Crocoraptor in one-to-one combat?
  Wartihog to Clueless  

The Bloody Crocoraptor is a dragon that is mentioned twice in How to Be a Pirate.

Physical Description

There is no description as to what a Bloody Crocoraptor looks like, though it might be inferred it looks at least somewhat crocodilian. While on a quest to the Isle of the Skullions, Hiccup discovers a Skullion footprint that is much larger than expected, and Fishlegs comments:

No question that it'd [a Skullion] beat the Bloody Crocoraptor in one-to-one combat, then.

This implies the Bloody Crocorapter is generally smaller than a Skullion, but still rather formidable.


How to Be a Pirate

The Bloody Crocoraptor is mentioned in name only twice by the Hairy Hooligan Tribe novices as they are searching the Isle of the Skullions for treasure. Wartihog and Clueless discuss which dragon would win a fight between a Bloody Crocoraptor and a Skullion. Clueless thought the Crocoraptor would have no chance. Hiccup later confirmed this at the sight of a huge Skullion footprint.

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