Blood feud

The Blood Feuds

The blood feuds are basically grudges held between the tribes of the Barbaric Archipelago. They can be caused by that simplest of things that the chiefs dislike.

List of Fueds

  • Hooligans and Meatheads: Stoick beat Magadon in an arm-wrestling contest.
  • Meatheads and Bashem-Oiks: They just don't like each other.
  • Bashem-Oiks and Bog-Burglars: Someone knocked over Bertha's pint.
  • Bashem-Oiks and Outcasts: Who are you looking at sunshine?
  • Barbaric Archapelago and Outcasts: In feud with absolutley everybody because they have an attitude problem-possibly mild dislexia.
  • Uglit-hugs and Hysterics: Ugli-Thugs are nasty pieces of work.
  • Ugli-Thugs and Visithugs: Sheep rustling.
  • Hysterics and Visithugs: Arm-Wrestling competition went a little to far.
  • Visithugs and Bog-Burglars: Bertha laughed at Visithug axe-work.
  • Bog-Burglars and Hystaerics: Bertha accidentally sat on Hysterical Chief's Dragon.
  • Hooligans and Bog-Burglars: Bog-Burglars stole their shield.

Other Feuds

  • Stoick was going to call a Blood Feud on the Bog-Burglars because they were framed by the Romans for kid-napping Hiccup in How to Speak Dragonese.
  • A feud might have started when Gobber stole the book How to Train Your Dragon from the Meathead Public Library.
  • Bertha called a feud with Stoick after the Hooligans were framed by the Romans of kid-napping Caamicazi in How to Speak Dragonese.
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