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      Blood Briar Island is an island that first appeared in the game, Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.

Official Description

EXPLORE: Fly to new and familiar locations including Havenholme, Valka’s Mountain and Blood Briar Island.
  — Official Dragons: Dawn of New Riders Website[1]  
Blood Briar Island is mountainous and covered in tall deciduous trees that cast a cool umbrella of shade in the summer months. Beneath this shade is a network of underground tunnels that may have been constructed by Bork the Bold.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Blood Briar Island has tall deciduous trees with Autumn-orange leaves. The island appears to be very rocky and mountainous. It has man-made underground tunnels and mazes. It appears that the island was geologically active, and contains lava-filled chasms and tunnels.

The island was overgrown by Dragonvine sometime prior to Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.



Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

Blood Briar Island is the third main location of this game. Upon arriving on this island, Scribbler discovered that it has been infested with Dragonvine. He explored the the island with his dragon, Patch, fighting Trappers and freeing captured dragons along the way. Scribbler discovers underground ruins created by Bork the Bold, which Eir Stormheart has utilized as a place to hide and work on her experimentation. She houses a Crimson Goregutter here.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Blood Briar Island replaced Dribble Peninsula as a location where Toothless and the Light Fury can search for a Hobgobbler egg.



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