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Watch out! She burps flames after eating volcanic rock. [src]

The Blistering Belcher is a female Hotburple who appears in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

The Blistering Belcher is spry and tireless as far as Hotburples go. She sleeps the least of any in her species... but still more than any other dragon, save perhaps the laziest of Gronckles or Abomibumbles. She can spend hours basking in the warm sun. When that isn't enough, you can find her soaking up the intense heat of exposed lava near active volcanoes. Her boiling hot body holds a warm heart ― she's intensely protective of Berkians, be them dragons or Vikings.

Hiccup's development of flame-resistant materials has proven crucial to providing dragons like the Blistering Belcher with proper affection ― like her Gronckle cousins, she is fond of belly rubs.

Her warmth towards a fellow dragon follows her into battle; she keeps one eye on friends, and another on foes. When combat takes a toll on allies, she's quick to come to their aid, followed swiftly by retaliation on their aggressors. Under her gentle, laid-back attitude hides an explosive temper reserved for assailants.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Blistering Belcher has the coloration of glowing red-hot, charred stone. She has an ash black base color overlayed in deep glowing red. This is most pronounced as a hatchling. She also has glowing orange nostrils. Her eyes are yellow with black pupils.

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