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Bjorn the Burning is a presumed Hairy Hooligan that is mentioned briefly in the game, School of Dragons.


As a Known Artist

I need to paint quickly to catch up, especially with Snotlout making a masterpiece. It's a little derivative of Bjorn the Burning's works, but I like it.

In the game, School of Dragons, in the quest "Paint a Storm", the player is asked to assist Heather in making paints for a painting contest Astrid is holding. The participants are Tuffnut, Bucket, and Snotlout. The player doesn't see what Snotlout is painting, but does help put a fire out on the canvas as Hookfang attempts to add some personal touches. Bucket, who seems to be the resident artist on Berk in the DreamWorks Dragons: The Series, comments that Snotlout's painting reminds him of Bjorn the Burning. It is unknown if he is referring to Snotlout's painting before or after it was on fire.


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