He was standing proud and upright, every whisker frozen solid, mouth open in a soundless YELL, a scary monumental sight. One hand was on his hip, and in the other he held a casket with glass sides, filled with ice.
  — Bigjob's corpse in Book 4  

Bigjob was the chief of the Hysterics and father of Norbert the Nutjob.


A Round World

A great adventurer, "Bigjob believed that the earth was as round as the moon, and he set out to prove it." He built a colossal ship dubbed The American Dream and set sail across the Open Ocean to the west. Eventually he arrived in America and found the Vegetable-That-No-One-Dares-Name and met the Feather People. He stayed for a few months, then returned, bringing back a frozen potato, as well as some of the Feather People's arrows. On the way back, The American Dream was followed across the ocean by a Doomfang. Finally, when Bigjob reached the Wrath of Thor, the Doomfang attacked. Bigjob fought back, shooting many arrows, riding his Thunderer dragon. Ultimately, the Doomfang kills him.

After Life

Oh, he's dead all right, ... He's as dead as a doornail ... but as I was keeping the potato frozen anyway, I thought I'd freeze Papa too.
  — Norbert the Nutjob in Book 4  

Bigjob's corpse - complete with potato in hand, and an American arrow stuck deep into the potato - was kept frozen in the Hysteric Great Hall since his demise. Norbert the Nutjob, his son, placed Squealer dragons around his frozen body as tremendously noisy alarm dragons. A Hysteric prophecy said that whoever pulled the arrow from the potato would be the hero who saved Hysteria from the Doomfang.

The American Dream was hauled out of the harbor and maintained as a monument to Bigjob's expedition in the center of the Hysteric village. When Norbert later launched his own expedition to America, he named his ship the The American Dream 2 in honor of his father.

Physical Appearance

Bigjob, based on his corpse's image, is a large and tall Viking man with a wild beard and large beady eyes. He has hairy arms and wears a conical helmet with two curly horns on it.


How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

Bigjob's story is told by Old Wrinkly to Hiccup in Book 4. Hiccup later encounters his frozen corpse while attempting to burgle the frozen potato from the Hysterics.

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