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Fishlegs: "It's remarkably docile for a dragon of its size. Almost yak-like."
Snotlout: "No wonder it was so easily hunted. You gotta toughen up there, Buff"[src]

Big Buff is a male Buffalord who first appeared in the Dragons: Race to the Edge episode, "Buffalord Soldier".

Official Description

Thought to be extinct, Hiccup and the gang used this Dragon's drool to cure Astrid of the Scourge of Odin.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Meeting Hiccup and Viggo

During the events of "Buffalord Soldier," when Astrid came down with the lethal Scourge of Odin, the gang rushed to find the said-to-be extinct Buffalord in hopes of finding a cure. When they finally spotted one at the far end of the Barbaric Archipelago, they collected its healing saliva, only to find that it dries up very quickly. So they attempted to lead it back to the Edge, only to have the dragon swell in size, and release exploding flames in protest.  The Riders then brought Astrid over to the island, and soon leaned that it was the Buffalord's saliva combined with the remnants of the herbs it eats that cures the plague. But before Hiccup could collect the solution, Viggo arrived with other plans to seize the Buffalord and bring it to the black market. After a major dilemma, Hiccup promised to let Viggo take the Buffalord away, as long as he can get the cure first. Reluctantly, both parties agreed and Astrid was cured. The Buffalord was led away by the Hunters, still passive and gentle. The gang was upset with Hiccup's seemingly unnecessary sacrifice, while Ryker was somewhat surprised that they did not put up a fight. Viggo remarked that Hiccup is one who keeps his word, only to whip around and see that the Buffalord had swelled in size again, and broken out of its cage at being removed from its island. The Buffalord landed back on the exact same spot, next to a smirking Hiccup, to resume eating. Hiccup then names the Island Odin's Respite.

Physical Appearance

Big Buff is ochre on the back and light brown on the belly. His head is similar to a tortoise's, with horns growing to the side and forward, like a yak, and a single horn resembling that of a unicorn or a rhinoceros growing atop the skull. he has giant yellow eyes and, he has very large wings and four small legs that are positioned close to the middle of its body. he also has a row of spines along his back, with smaller ones scattered on his back too. As an herbivorous dragon, Big Buff is quite round.


Big Buff, like all Buffalords, is mostly very gentle, docile, and lazy. He is willing to do whatever others tell him, and even be lead around his island on a leash. When Big Buff realizes that he's being transported off his island, however, he is very aggressive and can be quite terrifying.



  • Big Buff is the only Buffalord known to exist and he may be the last of his species.
    • However, in Rise of Berk and School of Dragons a player may have unlimited Buffalords.


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