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Dagur: "Had to build the stables over the village."
Astrid: "They look very familiar."
Dagur: "We may have stolen- [grunts] borrowed the plans from you."[src]

Berserker Stables are Dragon Stables situated on Berserker Island.



The exterior to the Berserker Stables is, as is noticed by Hiccup, much the same as the ones on the Edge, due to Dagur copying the plans. The long lengthed hut consists of wooden slat plating on the exterior, and boarding across the front. There is little exterior decor, other than the large model of a Skrill situated upon the roof of the building, in likeness to many Viking buildings. Much of the exterior is purple.


The interior of the stables is only briefly glanced at, and is shown to look much the same as any other Dragon Stables: large wooden pens filled with hay are separated from one another, have swinging wooden doors which can be closed, and can house dragons.



The Stables primary function is to house dragons who cannot be accommodated within a viking's home, as most can't, the average hut being too small. Stables provide shelter for dragons that a normal viking's hut could not.


Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 5

The Berserker Stables first appear in the episode "Something Rotten on Berserker Island". Dagur shows the Riders the stables on their tour around the island; he and Snotlout are then shown talking outside the stables, out of which Sleuther then emerges.

In "Sins of the Past", Dagur, Hiccup, and Fishlegs arrive at the Berserker Stables after their trip to Vanaheim. They prepare their dragons to rest, before finding out that Heather was in danger. The three quickly rush to their dragons and leave the stables, hurrying to reach Heather in time.


  • The Berserker stables look very similar to the ones on Dragon's Edge due to the fact that they were built with the same plans.

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