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The Berserker Guard is listed in the credits of the episode "Sins of the Past" but also appeared in "Something Rotten on Berserker Island".


Guarding the Entrance to Berserker Village

In "Something Rotten on Berserker Island", on a day when the Dragon Riders were set to arrive for a visit to Berserker Island, the Berserker Guard is caught sleeping on his feet. He quickly awakens and takes the names of the Riders and compares them to a guest list. He allows Astrid and Hiccup through, but as Snotlout passes by, the Guard drags him back, as "Snotlout Jorgenson" was not listed. He reveals that the only Jorgenson on the list is a "Snot-hat". Dagur the Deranged arrives, and laughing at the name, allows everyone through.

Greeting the Returning Chief

As Dagur, Hiccup, and Fishlegs return from Vanaheim and discover that Oswald the Agreeable is deceased, the Berserker Guard comes into the stable to greet his chief. Dagur asks the Guard where Heather was. The Guard tells him that she had left with Trader Johann to meet with someone with information on Oswald. Dagur and the Riders rush to their dragons and fly away quickly after her. The Berserker Guard professes to himself that that was not the reaction he was expecting.



Welcome to Berserker Island, where dreams become realities. [src]
Did not ask you that. Next?
Hold it. Not on the list.
Only Jorgenson I see is a Snothat.
Yes, Chief.
You didn't hear? She left with Trader Johann for the Northern Markets. Apparently he found a man who says Oswald is alive. [src]
Not quite the reaction I was expecting.


  • It is possible the Berserker Guard character is the same individual as Captain Vorg or the Berserker Herald mentioned in other Dragons episodes. However, both those characters are voiced by Brook Chalmers and both have a very different speech pattern.


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