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This is the page for the Book tribe. You may be looking for the Franchise tribe.

The Berserker Tribe, is a tribe of fierce Vikings. They are one of the biggest tribes in the Barbaric Archipelago.


The Berserk Tribe were a tribe of insane Vikings living on Berserk, located near the Uglithug Territories. Fishlegs is a descendant of the Berserkers. The Berserkers all wear chains and padlocks, so to restrain them, just in case if they go into Berserker mode. They are led by the unnamed Chief of Berserk. The Berserks were known to perform human sacrifices, by offering victims to The Beast.

How to Break a Dragon's Heart

They tried to feed Hiccup, Fishlegs, Humongously Hotshot, and ten other fiancés of Tantrum to the Beast, yet Hiccup struck a deal with The Beast (actually the Dragon Furious), and commanded the Berserks to free everyone from the prison, under death threat. The Berserks did so, and fled when The Beast set fire to the island. The Berserks swiftly sail away from the island, never to be seen again.

Book Tribe Members

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