The Berry-Wood Tree is mentioned in the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk.


There is no imagery for this tree, however, it most likely is not too far different from any other tree; it has branches and bark. According to Snotlout's Journey log, the berry-wood tree is located "deep within the forest", indicating that it can survive in low light conditions, and may be a small tree.


Because Snotlout looks for berry-wood trees and not other types of trees to build a protective barrier, these trees must make good building material and be relatively easy to harvest. The trees must also have fragrant bark - notable when cut - that serves as an attractant to Fireworms. Whether other species find appeal in the berry-wood tree is not specified.



Dragons: Rise of Berk

The berry-wood tree appears as one of the possible Journey outcomes for Snotlout when Journeying to the Edge Cave location. In this Journey, Snotlout comes across an unprotected Monstrous Nightmare nest. In this possible outcome, Snotlout builds a barrier around the nest using berry-wood trees, which attracts Fireworms to the nest.



  • It is possible that the berry-wood tree is just a generic term for a berry-bearing tree, such as a cherry tree.


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