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The Berk Zinc Bath is an object created to help protect metal objects from rusting.


Galvanizing Saddle Rings

During the quest, "Back in the Saddle Again, Part 1", Fishlegs and Meatlug crash land in the Wilderness on the School of Dragons Island while attempting to help an injured Gronckle due to a broken saddle. After collecting the rusted saddle rings, Fishlegs asks the player to bring the rings to Gobber in order to prevent them from rusting ever again. To do this, after cleaning off the rust layer, Gobber has the player place the rings in the zinc bath and has the player's dragon light the zinc bath on fire. With the rings coated in a layer of protective zinc, Gobber tells the player to take the galvanized rings back to Fishlegs so that Meatlug's saddle can be repaired.


The Berk Zinc Bath helps protect metal objects from rusting. It does this by galvanizing the metal, which covers the metal in a protective layer of zinc. In order for the zinc bath to work, the metal objects have to be inserted into the zinc bath and the zinc bath itself has to be lit by dragon fire.



  • The stone dragon heads that support the zinc bath look similar to those that support the Dragon's Edge Cauldron.


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