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The Berk Storehouse first featured in the episode, "How to Start a Dragon Academy" in Dragons: Riders of Berk, and has appeared occasionally in subsequent TV shows.



The interior of Berk's Storehouse appears to have an open concept - there aren't any separate rooms. There are broad pillars supporting the roof that have artwork on them, though these were destroyed during How to Start a Dragon Academy" when the dragons raided it and burnt it down.


The Berk Storehouse appears to be situated on the left side of the Great Hall and partially overhanging the cliff. It is approximately where the future Dragon Hangar will be. There is a functional windmill at the top, though its purpose is unknown. There are a set of large double doors facing the village.


The Berk Storehouse is a large storage space for food, for all the villagers. It gets stocked during the warm months and sustains the Tribe during the cold months.


How to Train Your Dragon Mobile Game

This game roughly follows the events in the How to Train Your Dragon film. In the beginning, Hiccup uses The Mangler to fire at an attacking dragon, but instead hits the supply house and damages it.

Dragons: Riders of Berk

In "How to Start a Dragon Academy", Stoick oversees the stocking of the Storehouse, in preparation for the upcoming 'freeze'. However, the resident dragons have not been trained, and raid the storehouse and set fire to it. The building is severely damaged.

During the episode "Viking for Hire", the Berk Storehouse appears in the background, indicating it was rebuilt with the same design.

In "Animal House", Stoick and Gobber check the supplies in the Storehouse before an unusually early winter storm approaches. They don't nearly have enough stock, and the dragons are inadvertently to blame, because they stress out the farm animals, causing them to not produce eggs or milk.

Astrid and Hiccup walk past the storehouse while discussing a new portrait of Hiccup and Stoick in "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man"

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 1

The Berk Storehouse is seen in the background during the episode "Big Man on Berk".

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

The Berk Storehouse appears in the background in this movie short.



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