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The Berk Barn is a centralized and communal building to house

livestock on the Isle of Berk.



The Berk Barn is a wooden structure with two large double doors. There does not appear to be any windows. The roof has a deep, rounded slant, but not as extreme as the residential buildings.

By the time of the second movie, it has been redesigned and now looks similar to a long viking shack with a roof attachment. On its left side there's a loading bay and entry way to the roof attachment. 


The interior of the Berk Barn has not been revealed.


The Berk Barn appears to house livestock, particularly Wild Boar. Though never seen or directly stated, it is implied that it may serve as a slaughter house as well. This structure is also centrally located in the village, and appears to be communally owned.


Dragons: Riders of Berk

In "How to Start a Dragon Academy", Wild Boar are flushed from the woods surrounding the village and herded into the barn by dragons. This demonstrates the usefulness and trainability of dragons and shows that they can be an integral part of Berk life.



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