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Benhose is a minor character appearing in the game, Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.


Setting up Camp in the Havenholme Ruins

Benhose and his partner Kasyc have taken up residence in the underground ruins on the island of Havenholme, protecting a mysterious female boss and her activities there. They fight off Scribbler and the dragon hatchling Patch, when they explore the ruins to find the source of a distressed dragon's roars.

Physical Appearance

Benhose is an adult male Viking with a simple brown - possibly leather - tunic. He has a trimmed brown beard and mustache, and wears a galea-style helmet with two simple curved horns that are cut off at the ends. There is a smaller, third horn at the top.

Benhose looks identical to the Dragon Trapper named Nicardo.

Abilities and Skills

Fighting: Benhose is a very skilled fighter, able to hold his own in front of Scribbler and Patch at the same time for a short period of time. His weapon of choice is a double-sided hammer, which he uses in battle to crush his enemies.


Eir Stormheart

Benhose is one of Eir's loyal subjects. He protects his master and her secrecy at any cost. He follows her orders without questioning them.



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