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Duggard the Decisive: "What is Belzium exactly?"
Magnus Finke: "A highly magnetic ore that's both flexible and durable."
Duggard: "Ehhh..."
Hannahr: "You know, the purple rock that I add to my iron to make it stronger."

Belzium is a rock ore the people of Huttsgalor use as an additive to iron, described in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode, "Heavy Metal".


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Objects around the town of Huttsgalor start falling apart in "Heavy Metal". Hannahr, the town blacksmith, is not able to fix anything, because she ran out of Belzium. Chief Duggard asks the Rescue Riders to find more Belzium. Magnus Finke wants to find it first for glory. The Riders become competitive with each other and with Magnus, which gets them into trouble. Magnus and the Riders find a cave full of Belzium, and through teamwork, eventually gets a very large crystal into town.

Season 2

In "Treasure Riders", while searching for Odin's Gem, the Rescue Riders encountered a metal door made of a mix between iron and Belzium. They managed to break it by combining all their firepower at once.

In "Hot, Hot, Hot", Magnus uses Belzium to reinforce the exterior of his second Mechano-Dragon. After the machine breaks apart, Leyla used the spare metal to create a dragon armour for Burple, so that he could rescue Aggro from a volcano.

In "High Anxiety", Hannahr used Belzium pieces to fix Mama Ironclaw's injured wing. She used the help of the dragons to heat and cool the metal.

In "Charged Up", Magnus built a third model of Mechano-Dragon, and in order to ensure its durability, he made every piece of it out of Belzium.

In "Game of Horns", Magnus rebuilt his Belzium Mechano-Dragon using the strong mineral. Later, he mixed liquid Belzium with Slinkwing slime, in order to make the latter harden faster and trap the Rescue Riders.

Physical Properties

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Belzium is a crystalline rock with a uniform violet color. It can occur in the environment as small pebbles or large geometric multi-hedron crystals. It is a magnetic ore, presumably due to the presence of iron. Belzium also has a high melting point, as a Fire Fury's fire is not able to melt it outright. It also has a very high hardness, as a Swiftwing's blast is deflected from its surface and it does not chip easily from any force. Presumably there are planes of weakness along which the Belzium can be cleaved, as seen in "Heavy Metal" when a large crystal finally splits in two.

In "Game of Horns", it is revealed that Belzium has a liquid form and it can be used to accelerate the hardening of Slinkwing slime.

According to Hannahr, Belzium is found near deposits of sandstone.


Belzium is a mineral ore used on Huttsgalor as an additive to iron in order to increase its strength and decrease its brittleness. It is included in all the iron products used in Huttsgalor from nails to belt buckles to drinking mugs.



  • Many elements are added to iron to create a product with different properties. One such additive is Phosphorous. In certain quantities, phosphorous increases the strength and hardness. In real life, there is an iron phosphate mineral called Strengite which is purple in color. Though relatively rare, it has been found in quantity in Sweden[1]. It also often occurs with deposits of apatite, another phosphate bearing rock that is mined for its phosphorous content.


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