Beltane is a ten day long festival that was celebrated in the game Dragons: Rise of Berk.


In April 2017, the official Facebook page of the game Dragons: Rise of Berk announced this celebration. It consisted of ten days of special dragons being available for search or find in collections, with the celebration ending on May 1st, the date of the real holiday of the same name. The dragons released were all Night Terrors and Night Swarms, with the addition of the Fireworm Solar Flare on May 1st, referencing the bonfires lit during the real holiday.


  • Beltane is inspired by the real life Gaelic May Day festival of the same name, which is a celebration of the beginning of the pastoral summer season that takes place on the 1st of May. It consists of the lighting of special bonfires that are believed to have protective powers imbued in their flames, smoke, and ashes. All household fires were also doused and re-lit from the Beltane bonfires. Although this celebration had largely died out by the 20th century, some Neopagan groups still observe it as a religious holiday.


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