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"Belly Flop" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


The Riders have to save Elbone when he's swallowed by a giant Sea Gronckle, and Dak's awful cooking might be just the thing to do it.

Major Events


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Out at sea, Summer teaches Winger, Dak, Cutter, and Aggro different types of dives, one of which includes several loops in the air. Everyone is excited by the new tricks, except for Cutter, who gets dizzy and ends up with water stuck in his nose. Summer expresses her desire for Leyla to be with them and decides to go to The Roost and check on her sick friend. However, the others stop her and ask her to show them more tricks, with Dak reassuring Summer that Burple is taking care of Leyla.

BF - Got the rainbow pike.jpg

Meanwhile, Leyla and Burple head out to the sea, in order to meet with Elbone, who was just anchoring his ship. The fisherman asks Leyla what types of fish she wants, so she lists them all and tells Elbone that she needs them to prepare a birthday gift for Summer: the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise. Elbone catches the fish almost immediately, much to Leyla and Burple's shock. He then notices a whale in the distance and comes with a business idea of whale watching. Leyla wishes the man good luck and takes off with Burple and the fish.

BF - Leyla having placed the cut up fish on top of seaweed.jpg

At the Roost, Leyla starts to prepare the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise, but is interrupted by Burple, who tells her that Summer is approaching. Leyla rushes to finish the dish and clean the kitchen, just as Summer and the others land by the Roost. Burple tries to stall them, but Summer quickly realises that he's hiding something. Burple admits he's not good at lying, and lets Summer through. The Fastfin finds Leyla reading her Dragon Diary, much to her surprise. The girl then suggests shopping in town, and asks Dak to hide the meal while she's gone.

BF - Hiding the special dinner.jpg

Dak, Winger, and Cutter place the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise in a bucket and go out at sea to practise their newly learned diving skills. At the same time, Leyla, Summer, Cutter, and Aggro arrive in the town of Huttsgalor, only to see Elbone's ship almost crashing into a smaller boat. They stop the ship, but discover that Elbone isn't on it. They head out to search for him, while Dak, Winger, and Cutter return to the Roost. They discover Haggis eating Summer's present and Dak starts to panic.

BF - It's not a house, Burple.jpg

Meanwhile, the rest of the team arrives on an island, where they find an enormous Sea Gronckle. Leyla reads from her diary about the species, then tries to communicate with the dragon. The Sea Gronckle wakes up, introduces himself as Gludge, then falls asleep again. The Rescue Riders hear Elbone's cries for help, so they quickly scout the island, but can't find the fisherman. They realize that Elbone is inside Gludge's mouth. In the meantime, Dak tries to figure out a solution for the missing meal, so he decides to recreate the recipe himself.

BF - The sliced up fish having landed on the table.jpg

On Gludge's island, Summer and Leyla try to convince the Sea Gronckle to open his mouth, but he refuses, believing they want to steal his fish. In the meantime, Dak makes his first attempt on the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise, but his dish ends up with a horrible taste. He tries again multiple times, but each is worth more than the last, and he spits out the food in a barrel. When Winger and Cutter refuse to try his dishes, Dak feeds his latest attempt to Haggis, who immediately spits up the food. However, Dak is unwilling to give up.

BF - Gludge swallowing Summer and the fish.jpg

Concurrently, Elbone starts to make himself comfortable inside Gludge's mouth, while the Rescue Riders try to convince the Sea Gronckle to open his mouth. Aggro heats up in front of the dragon, but that only annoys him and he cools her down with a blast of water. Summer attempts to trade a pile of freshly caught fish for Elbone, but Gludge swallows her as well. Summer and Elbone start to make their presence noticed inside the Gludge, but instead he starts to swallow. Leyla and Burple head to the Roost for Winger, while Aggro distracts the Sea Gronckle with her fire.

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At the Roost, Dak desperately tries to make another Seven Spice Seafood Surprise, but Winger and Cutter refuse to taste it. Dak then hands it to Haggis, who runs away at the sight of the dish. Suddenly, Leyla and Burple burst through the door, with the girl asking what was happening. Dak confesses that Haggis ate the meal, and that he tried to recreate the recipe, only to create disgusting food. Burple tastes one of the failed dishes, and falls to the floor because of it. Leyla then gets an idea and asks Dak to take the barrel with the rotten food and follow her.

BF - Are you guys okay.jpg

Returning to Gludge's island, Winger places the barrel in front of the Sea Gronckle, and Leyla invites him to take it. The Sea Gronckle swallows it, but after tasting the fish wraps, he becomes sick and vomits everything from his mouth, including Summer and Elbone. He then lives on the island, and dives into the ocean. Leyla hugs her friend, relieved to see her safe, and Dak boasts about him saving the day. The Rescue Riders take flight back to Huttsgalor, just as Jorgen Redboot arrives on the beach, reclaiming his lost boot.


  • Saddles appear and disappear from dragons several times in this episode.
    • When Summer is showing her friends different dives, a saddle appears briefly on her back while underwater and disappears in the next shot.
    • When Aggro is looking around for Elbone, she is seen wearing a saddle for a brief second, before it disappears.
    • Winger's saddle disappears when tasting Dak's food for the first time, then reappears immediately after.





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