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So, we're going to ring these bells until a giant dragon — that we know nothing about — wakes up. [src]

The Bells of Frey are a mythical object that appear in Dragons: Rise of Berk.


After finding the Green Death near the island of Berk, Hiccup decided to search for other Legendary dragons. Gothi then showed the Riders one of the Bells of Frey and told them a legend: "The Bells of Frey will wake the sleeping giant. For it stays hidden if too silent. Over trees, and under seas. To wake this dragon ring all three." She also told them there were three bells and the Riders quickly began to search for the other two. Shortly after, Hiccup found the second bell in a forest. However, no one was able to find the last bell.

Thinking they might cause trouble, Hiccup told the Twins to use the fish and wood they have collected on Berk. However, they instead burned it, making a horrible smell. On the bottom of the Fish Basin, the Twins found the third bell, not knowing what it was. Hiccup then recognized it and put it with the other two. All the Riders then flew above Berk and rang all three Bells of Frey. Soon, a Foreverwing awakened from underneath the boulders where it was sleeping.



  • The Bells of Frey may be named after Freya, the goddess of fire, love, and beauty or her twin brother Freyr, who is called 'Frey' in English form.


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