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Beetles, are a specific type of insect mentioned minimally in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise. The larval stage, known as a Grub, is also mentioned.


Beetles (Order Coleoptera) are insects, meaning they have six legs and are invertebrates with a hard exoskeleton. Beetles are found terrestrially worldwide except in polar regions. Some beetle species are well known for their "horns" or "antlers" such as the Hercules beetle and the Stag Beetle, or their particular coloring like the Ladybug.

Like all insects, beetles have several life stages: egg, larvae, pupa and adult. The larval stage itself has several stages, called instars. These instar stages are what is also known as "grubs" or "grubworms". Grubs of beetles typically have a dark, hard head with chewing mouth parts, and a softish and whitish long body that is somewhat worm-like. The grubs of many species spend their time underground.


In the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, grubs have a small function of being a favored food of the Raincutter dragon.

In reality, beetles of all life stages serve as food for many creatures, including humans in some cultures. Beetles have figured in cultures and religions such as the significance of the Scarab beetle to ancient Egyptians. Beetles are also an important pest of many crops. Occasionally, large beetles are kept as pets.


Dragons: Defenders of Berk

In the episode "A View to a Skrill, Part 2", Tuffnut hides in a tree trunk on Outcast Island.

And I have bark beetles in my pants. I'm starting to like them.
  — Tuffnut in "A View to a Skrill, Part 2  

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

In "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1", during a fight with the Dragon Hunters, Tuffnut gets a bug in his eye.

Tuffnut: "I got a thing in my eye."
Ruffnut: "You mean that tiny little bug?"
Tuffnut: "Hey! That bug was on a mission. A mission to be in my eye."[src]
  — Ruffnut and Tuffnut arguing  

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon

The Rescue Riders encountered hundreds of yellow beetles inside a cave, while they were searching for a Golden Dragon. They threw away one of their lanterns and set it on fire, which attracted all the beetles in one place. Burple ate a few beetles, but claimed that they didn't have a good taste, so he let one go.


Flight of the Night Fury

Beetles called "Blaze Beetles" appear in this game. The player (as Hiccup) must collect them to complete tasks assigned by Gobber. Because the game is no longer available, the purpose of collecting the Blaze Beetles is unknown at this time.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Grubs (beetle larvae) are mentioned very briefly in this game when describing the Raincutter individual, Thump. Raincutters prefer eating grubs and worms, and Thump brings gifts of worms to Valka as gifts.

This Raincutter had her wing sliced by a trapper's razor netting. She is forever grateful to Valka for rescuing her, often bringing her slimy worm and grub snacks as gifts!
  — About Thump  

School of Dragons

Grubs appear in a Stable Quest players can send their non-active dragons on called "Grubalicious". The Raincutter is the best dragon for this Quest, though others can be used for a reduced success rate. The quest takes 24 hours and a successful mission yields 920 coins, 1440 Dragon Experience points, and 150 Ultimate Dragon Trainer points.

Other Mentions


Skullcrusher the Rumblehorn.jpeg

Both the shape and coloring of the Rumblehorn was in part inspired by beetles. In the How to Train Your Dragon 2 Film Commentary, Dean DeBlois indicates the Rumblehorn Skullcrusher's color is based on a type of beetle.

And his name is Skullcrusher, and he is a big dragon, a tracking dragon, and he's part of the tracker class. He's a Rumblehorn, which is the name of the species. He's sort of a cross between a truffle pig and a rhino with the coloring of a scarab beetle.
  — Dean DeBlois in  

According to Dreamworks' Youtube Video Series, "The DreamWorks Download", "Skullcrusher is a cross between a rhino, truffle pig, dung beetle, jackhammer, and a battle axe."



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