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Beet is a cultivable plant in the game School of Dragons, and later appears in the game DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.


Beet (Beta vulgaris) is a vegetable from the family Amaranthaceae. It evolved from the wild Sea beet. Its species consists of Sugar beet, Spinach beet, Mangelwurzel, and the most common, Beetroot.

The beet's taproot - also called Beetroot - is typically the most utilized portion of the plant, though beet greens - the leafy tops - are also eaten as a potherb. The root is usually squat and roughly spherical, and while it is typically a dark purplish red color, can come in a few other colors. The root has a high carbohydrate content, but also many important vitamins and minerals.

Despite being cultivated world wide, the wild beets prefer salt marshes and coastal cliffs such as Atlantic coasts and Mediterranean Sea coasts.


Beets, and especially beetroots, are used as human food. The sugar beet is used for producing sugar.

In the past, beets were used for different medicinal purposes. They also contain Betaine and Betalain whose properties are being researched, potentially for lowering high blood pressure. Beetroot is often used as a red dye for other foods.

Some beets are also used for ornamental purposes.

In a School of Dragons Farm Job, mushrooms are implicated - along with black beans and beets - as being used to make face paints for Dragon Racing. Another asks for beets to make paint for "Bucket's next masterpiece". Beets, as well as Ostrich eggs, are also mentioned in another Farm Job to create a tough exterior paint.

In School of Dragons, beets are also fed to dragons, as seen in a few Farm Jobs. One Farm Job asks for beets and elderberries to make "A fine medicinal and vitamin rich juice for Cloudjumper." Yet another asks for beets, since "Valka needs to feed him something to stop the smell [because] Cloudjumper ate a lot of garlic". Skullcrusher also eats beets as Eret want to make a special treat for him composed of beet, dragon nip and yak milk.



School of Dragons

The Beet is a cultivable plant in this game. It can be purchased from the shop for 3 gems. Its seeds can be purchased for 60 coins. It produces 3 beets in 25 minutes.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

A seasonal decoration consisting of a Wheel Barrel full of beets and pumpkins was introduced in the game with the 1.52 update. It costs 300 Loose Leaves and requires 20 minutes to be built.

DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

Beetroots appear as a speed-boosting resource for the player characters Scribbler and Patch.

It's a little known secret that Havenholme Beetroots are a fantastic source of energy, eating one will cause Scribbler and Patch to move much faster!
  Dragons: Dawn of New Riders  



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