Bearhug is a Hairy Hooligan Tribe Viking Novice, named in Book 2 - How to Be a Pirate.


Pirate Training Program

Bearhug is listed as a student in the Pirate Training Program in How to Be a Pirate, meaning he participates in lessons such as 'Swordfighting at Sea (Beginners Only)'.

When a 'Swordfighting at Sea' lesson is interrupted by a mysterious coffin running into the ship, the ship sinks and all the novices must swim to shore. They wash up on the Long Beach, along with the coffin. Gobber orders Wartihog, Bearhug, Sharpknife, and Clueless to carry the coffin back to Hooligan village.

Physical Appearance

There is no description or image of Bearhug. However, it might be assumed that he is a hefty young teenager similar to most of the other Novices.

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