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A map of the Barbaric Archipelago

The Barbaric Archipelago is the setting for the majortiy of the How to Train Your Dragon book series. A map is often included at the beginning of each book, but it sometimes focuses on certain parts of the Archipelago, depending on the topic of the book. Some of the books also focus on locations not found in the Barbaric Archipelago. Such as Lava-Lout Island in How to Twist a Dragon's Tale, or the Great West Ocean in How to Ride a Dragon's Storm.



The main island settings in the books are the Isle of Berk, Meathead Islands, Isle of Skullions, Hysteria, Lava-Lout Island, Berserk, the Ugli-thug Slavelands, and the Island of Tomorrow. Other islands include the Bog-Burglar Islands, the Peacable Country, the Mazy Multitudes, Visithug Territory, Mount Villainy, the Outcast Lands, and Hero's End. Compared to the books, the first film only shows two islands, which are Berk and Dragon Island.


Some of the mentioned seas are the Sullen Sea, the Sea-Known-As-Woden's-Bathtub, and the Wrath of Thor. The Wrath of Thor is a thin straight of rapid water running between Villainy and Hysteria.

Other Locations

Assumingly to the north of the Archipelago lie the Icy Wastes, meaning the Roman Empire lies to the south, and the Open Ocean lies to the west. And after the crossing toward the open ocean you reach America.

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The Barbaric Archipelago
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