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Barbara the Barbarian is a character from How to Fight a Dragon's Fury. She has a black cat named Fearless, who is trained to attack her opponents. Fishlegs is in love with her.


How to Fight a Dragon's Fury

Barbara the Barbarian gathered on the Island of Tomorrow with the rest of the tribes of the Barbaric Archipelago when the Druid Guardian was crowning the King of the Wilderwest. Suddenly Hiccup showed up alive on the island and made his statement about why he should be king, Barbara spoke for the Archipelago and said that there was once a time that they (the Dragonmarkers) would've followed him at the Amber Slavelands, but another year of war made them desperate. This made them decide to choose Alvin as king so he could end the war. The Druid Guardian then called upon the Dragon Guardians of Tomorrow to kill Hiccup, but Fishlegs interrupted with evidence that Hiccup was the true king. This caused a sequence of events involving the many tribes relaying stories of Hiccup's heroism, with them now choosing Hiccup as king. Barbara chimed in with her saying that her cat Fearless has chosen Hiccup as king.


Not much is known about Barbara's personality, due to the fact that the character has appeared very little. However, from the little that has been seen, she is very caring and compassionate, due to the fact that she wanted Alvin as king so he could end the Second Dragon War sooner, before the Dragon Rebellion destroyed the entire Archipelago.

Physical Appearance



All of the Barbara the Barbarian have cats that attack the enemy in battle.

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