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Bamboo is a plant seen in the movie short, Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon. It is later mentioned in the episode, "A Gruff Separation".


Bamboo is a very tall, hollow grass in the Subfamily Bambusoideae. It's very prolific and can out compete other plants and grow tightly packed together. Some species have been known to grow 3 feet in about 24 hours. Bamboo is most known and cultivated in Eastern Asia, but some species can be found around the equator in Africa and South America. It is doubtful that historical Vikings ever came across bamboo.


In the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, bamboo appears only as an obstacle for Vikings (specifically Gobber) to get through.

In reality, bamboo is a widely used plant with many uses. It can be used as a building material, for food, tools, furniture, historically as a writing surface, weapons, textiles, and musical instruments.


Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Bamboo appears on an Unnamed Island that Gobber was on in his younger years. As he was trying to escape the Boneknapper, he uses an egg beater hand attachment and chops through a forest of bamboo.

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 6

We'll get a little hut somewhere with a bamboo divider in the middle ... [src]
  — Tuffnut  

In the episode, "A Gruff Separation", The Twins take the Thorston Induction Trials, but are told that only one of them can complete it and become a full member of House Thorston. After the final test, the Twins realize that they should stay together rather than leaving the other behind. Tuffnut suggests building a little hut for each other.


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