... They were all headed to the same bit of coast: A horseshoe-shaped inlet surrounded by tundra.
  Hiccup in The Ice Castle  

Balder Bay is a location mentioned in the Riders of Berk comic, "The Ice Castle". It appears to be located within the Northlands, and according to Gobber the Belch, is the only "natural harbor" where ships could dock.


Though Balder Bay is mentioned only briefly, Hiccup gives a specific description of it. Presumably, the coastline around Balder Bay is extremely rocky and has many dangerous ice formations, such as the Ice Needles.


Dragons: Riders of Berk Comics

During the events of "The Ice Castle", Arngrim Dammen has stolen Stormfly and has taken her for breeding eggs to sell at auction. His dragon egg auction takes place near Balder Bay in the Northlands. Balder Bay is the only area people attending the auction can dock.



  • "Baldur" is a God in Norse Mythology.

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