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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Baby Ramblefang is a Roaming Ramblefang that first appeared in the episode, "Double Finked".



In "Double Finked", an unnamed man from a neighboring island of Huttsgalor found a Roaming Ramblefang egg and sent it to the Rescue Riders via shipment. Leyla did not recognize the egg, at first, believing it to be a Gigantic Grumplumper or a Whooping Whifflewing.

Axel Finke, who was spying on the Rescue Riders, stole the egg and took it to his uncle, Magnus Finke. The egg hatched, and the baby dragon started running through Magnus' workshop. Axel attempted to train the Ramblefang by giving it fish. However, the dragon perceived Axel as a toy and food source, so he became attached to the teenager.

The Rescue Riders came to Magnus' house searching for the dragon, but the Ramblefang thought them to be a threat, so he took Axel and flew away to a sea stack. He shot several fireballs at the riders, but he eventually gave in when Leyla replaced Axel with the Elbone Doll. The riders then took the hatchling to Grumblegard on Hazard Island.

Physical Appearance

The Baby Ramblefang is representative of his species. He is a dark purple color with a white underbelly and blue and yellow spots on his back and wings.


Being a hatchling, the Baby Ramblefang is curious and playful and full of energy. He is ready to protect those he cares about at all costs.



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