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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Hey there, little lady! Paralyzing poison, detachable tail and a nasty fireball... you have a deadly arsenal, dont you?
  — Heather  

A Baby Flame Whipper appears during the expansion "Secret of the Leviathan" in the game, "School of Dragons".


Leaving Impossible Island

When the player ends up in a cave after falling from the temple on Impossible Island, the first thing he/she sees is this baby Flame Whipper and her detached tail. Her parents appear suddenly and the player, Phlegma and Skulder slowly go away.

When the trio reaches the Eruptodon statue and gets closer to some vegetation, the baby Flame Whipper appears again, with the rest of her group close behind.

While getting out of the room where the Dragon Bloom was kept, the baby Flame Whipper comes through a hole in the wall and helps the player in finding an exit. Then, the player takes her to the School of Dragons Island. There, Fishlegs begins studying her. Wanting to find out what she can do, Snotlout grabs her by the tail and turns her upside down. She immediately detaches her tail, leaving Snotlout paralyzed by the poison. The player then leads the baby Flame Whipper to Heather in order to make a solution that will help Snotlout. After doing so, the player is asked to look after the baby dragon, thus bonding with her. Valka then demands to see the Flame Whipper and entrusts the player to take care of her. The baby then becomes one of the player's dragons.

Physical Appearance

This Flame Whipper is sky blue and purple, with black markings and black stripes all over her body.


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