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Axel Skeptisson is a mentioned character created for the School of Dragons Website[1].


Teaching at the School of Dragons

Axel Skeptisson is an instructor at the School of Dragons. He observes the bonds forming between his pupils and their dragons, and notes them in his personal journal.

There was nothing Hagan Boilson loved more than his Monstrous Nightmare, Flick. As an instructor at the School of Dragons, I liked to watch young Vikings and their dragons to see how their training was going. I couldn’t help but be proud of my pupil as I observed him and his dragon one day...
It warms my warrior heart to see such a friendship blossom between a trainer and his dragon. It reminds me of when I first began training my very own dragon. It’s a day a Viking can never forget!
  — From the Journal of Axel Skeptisson[2]  

Working With Valka

As an instructor, Axel interacts with Valka on a daily basis. He also writes to Taran Skeptisson, a presumed relative of his. He writes to Taran about Valka and her strange and wonderful ways and history.


The newcomer - Hiccup’s mother, that is - is an interesting woman to be sure. A woman who chose humanity over savagery. Only, it was dragons that were human, and the humans that were savages. Of course, the Hairy Hooligans did not have a reason to trust the dragons until Hiccup and Toothless proved us wrong.
Years ago, Valka left, believing that it was impossible for any of us to find peace between the two respective species. She left her family to form a new one amongst the dragons… and Hiccup forgave her. I won’t presume to know much about Haddock family affairs, but that I find quite peculiar. But perhaps Hiccup has inherited his mother’s compassion and understanding.
So we must see her every day. She stands outside the Great Hall, offering her wisdom to all those who need it. And I cannot doubt that she is by far cleverer than most so-called dragon experts, and she is not as wild as one would expect of someone who has spent over a decade with dragons. In fact, Valka has been a great help to Berk and the School of Dragons.
It is because of her wisdom that I cannot fault her for her choices. She has been a great help to our village and the school. I hope you can speak with her one day. Never in my life have I seen a Viking so devoted to dragons. I would even go so far to say that her devotion rivals that of Hiccup’s – And that’s saying something!

With all Glory and Honor,
Axel Skeptisson
  School of Dragons Website[3]  


School of Dragons Website

The School of Dragons Website offers a Game Guide and other information about people, dragons, and places connected to the game. To illustrate the world within the game and provide a story-like setting, the website contains 'excerpts' from various characters appearing in other parts of the Franchise, as well as exclusive to the Website. Axel Skeptisson is one of the exclusive characters to the game's website, illustrating the bond formed between a rider and their dragon while at the School. He also is utilized to showcase the NPC character, Valka, who appears in the game.



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