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Axel Finke is a pro conman. He knows exactly how to get what he wants when he wants it. He can appeal to both his evil genius uncle, Magnus Finke, and the Rescue Runts- er, Riders. He has his own agenda, but it’s always changing based on his situation. All that being said, deep down, he really does want to belong somewhere, even if it’s with someone like Magnus.
  Jacob Hopkins  

Axel Finke is a recurring character[1] who first appeared in the episode "Double Finked".


Early Life

Axel was passed from one relative to another ten times until he arrived in Huttsgalor on a ship and finally came under the guardianship of his uncle, Magnus Finke.

Arrival on Huttsgalor

Axel travelled as a stowaway on a Huttsgalorian ship and while he was discovered by the owner, he avoided being seen during the trip. He arrived on Huttsgalor in "Double Finked" and quickly blended in with other to avoid further repercussions. He met Chief Duggard the Decisive, whom he asked about the whereabouts of his uncle, Magnus Finke. The man pointed north and Axel went on his way. Upon arriving at Magnus Finke's House, he told his uncle that he was to stay with him. Magnus refused at first, not wanting to take care of his nephew, but after Axel suggested spying on the Rescue Riders, he agreed.

Axel then went straight to The Roost and asked the Rescue Riders to join them. They were reluctant to do so, but decided to trust him anyway. Axel offered to guard a large dragon egg that the Riders received earlier that day, along with Cutter. During the night, he tricked Cutter into tiring himself and falling asleep. He then hid the egg somewhere else.

In the morning, he pretended that the egg was stolen, so the Rescue Riders assume it must have been Slinkwings and they fly off, leaving Axel alone. The boy took the egg to his uncle, where it hatched into a Baby Ramblefang. Axel tried to train it using fish and was about to mount it when the Rescue Riders stopped. In order to get himself out of the situation, he blamed his uncle for stealing the egg.

When Leyla approached him, the Ramblefang saw her as a threat so he grabbed Axel and flew away. The boy yelled at the hatchling, but to no avail. The Ramblefang eventually stopped on a sea stack where he played with Axel like a toy. The Rescue Riders saved him by replacing him with a doll. They took the baby to Hazard Island and left Axel at Magnus' house. Axel then swore to help his uncle get rid of the Rescue Riders.

In "Divewings" Axel helped his uncle buy various components for his next invention. However, Magnus dismissed all of the pieces, claiming that Axel should let him choose the parts in the future. After being asked to clean up after himself, Magnus passed the task to Axel. Later, Dak accuses Magnus of littering the ocean, and Axel defended his uncle. He had thrown all the trash in the backyard of the house, yet when he looked there, the pile was gone. Axel helped his uncle gather more parts for the machine for the rest of the day. When Dak apologized to Magnus for suspecting him, the house door broke, so the man asked Axel to fix it.

In "Mecha-Menace", Axel sneaked into the Roost to take some measurements of Summer. However, he was caught by Dak so he pretended to have come for a Luck Lantern. Axel then helped his uncle finish his invention and took it for a test. Later, he went to the village and presented the Mechano-Dragon to the townsfolk. He demonstrated its abilities by flying around and moving objects, impressing all the people, except the Rescue Riders. He continued to use the machine to decorate the village for the Spring Festival. After he finished, he engaged in a seed planting competition against Leyla and Summer. However, he pushed the Mechano-Dragon too much and it began to break down, getting out of Axel's control. The boy struggled to hold onto the Mechano-Dragon and was ultimately saved by Leyla. Magnus was blamed for the incident, so Axel ran home, afraid of the following consequences.

In "Hot, Hot, Hot", when Axel presented the now Belzium-induced Mechano-Dragon, he reassured the townsfolk that it is new improved by his uncle, referring to the grappling function he's added to the legs. When Aggro failed to fly out of the volcano due to overheating, Axel attempted to rescue her, only having the machine malfunction from the heat. When she finished molting, Aggro leads her team back to the Roost, while Magnus orders Axel to paddle in the water, using the wrecked Mechano-Dragon as a life boat.

In "Charged Up", Magnus created a Mechano-Multidragon that had the abilities of every dragon, except for Winger's Power Blast. That stormy night, while Magnus fumed on how to acquire such ability for his Mechano-Multidragon, Axel suggested that they go back inside safe from the lightning strikes. Magnus utilized that idea to harness the lightning for his machine's Power Blast by equipping it with an antenna, though Axel worried that the machine was still slower than the Rescue Riders. In the morning, Axel and Magnus woke up to find the Mechano-Multidragon overcharged and wreaking havoc in Huttsgalor, enough to attract the Rescue Riders' attention. The machine started to fell apart due to not having its speed calibrated and it soon became destroyed.

In "Game of Horns", Axel helped his uncle win the first probes of the titular event, by using the Mechano-Dragon. Even after Duggard adopted the Rescue Riders, allowing them to help him in the competition, Axel continued to win several rounds, until Magnus and Duggard reached a tie. Axel and Magnus rode the Mechano-Dragon during the Race of Doom, managing to stay ahead of Duggard and his team. While nearing the finish line, the machine started to walk slower, with Axel remarking that he hadn't known the Mechano-Dragon had a prancing mode. Just before crossing the line, Magnus stopped and started to rub in his upcoming victory, allowing Duggard's team to catch up. Axel screamed to his uncle, right before being run over by Burple. However, Magnus lost the competition, and therefore his chance of becoming Chief of Huttsgalor.

Physical Appearance

Axel is a young teen with blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a black long sleeved tunic and a short brown suede vest. His trousers and boots are brown, and he wears a matching brown belt with a silver buckle.


Axel is clever and helpful, albeit conniving when teamed up with his uncle. He shows signs of loneliness and sensitivity after Magnus continuously insults him.


Magnus Finke

Magnus is Axel's uncle.




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