Can we keep him? I promise I'll walk him and feed him and stuff. We already know his poop doesn't smell. [src]

The Auroch King is a male Buffalord appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

It is a matter of legend that The Auroch King's diet of foxglove flowers combines with its spittle to produce a powerful medicine. When the Dragon Hunters heard about this they sent agents to the corners of the Archipelago in the hopes the creature might provide a more powerful version of their Dragonroot elixir. After a difficult search, the lone Auroch King was found on an island west of the Badmist Mountains. Out of the twelve Dragon Hunters who approached The Auroch King, eight were scorched by uncontrolled fire, two more were squished under The Auroch King's inflating belly, and only one made it back to Viggo to report their failure.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

The Auroch King is golden yellow in color, the same hue as his eyes and scales of considerable size nested on his back. His body and wings boast variegated stripes of red, while the spines sticking out of his body, claws, and large horns are dark scarlet grey.

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  • The Auroch King gets its name from the Aurochs, an extinct species of wild Cattle that once lived in Europe, Asia, and North Africa and was the ancestor of modern cattle. This name origin is likely due to the Buffalord's cattle or bison-like design and behavior.



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