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Once adversaries, Astrid's and Stormfly’s journey first began during dragon training, when she and the other students were learning how to fight dragons. Though the two were enemies, it quickly became apparent that they shared similar traits: Both Astrid and Stormfly are tough, courageous and stubborn.
The two began their partnership when Astrid first rode Stormfly in the battle against the Red Death, where they proved to be a formidable team. Since then, Astrid and Stormfly have formed an inseparable bond and when these two warriors come together in battle, their enemies had better watch out!
  — School of Dragons Game Guide[1]  

Astrid and Stormfly's relationship is one of explicitly expressed affection. They share a strong bond that is built on unyielding trust and an unspoken understanding. They are both fiercely protective of one another and willing to go to great lengths to keep each other safe.

How to Train Your Dragon

When Astrid and Stormfly first met in the Dragon Fighting Arena, it was during a training exercise. After attacking the other recruits with her venomous spines and blazing magnesium fire, the Deadly Nadder chased Astrid through the whole maze, destroying everything. The fight finished when Astrid hit the dragon with her axe and part of a shield that happened to accidentally get stuck on the blade of the axe. Astrid and Stormfly, unlike Hiccup and Toothless, do not start off with such a tender bonding moment. Rather, Astrid has it in mind to finish off Stormfly, being brought up to believe that dragons are mere pests to be exterminated, and also believing that by killing dragons such as Stormfly, she will prove her worth and earn recognition for House Hofferson.

During another training exercise, Astrid fought Stormfly again, but as she ran forwards yelling, an axe above her head poised to kill the dragon, Hiccup scratched Stormfly under the chin in her soft spot, causing her fall asleep. Astrid stared on in apparent shock and incredulousness.

Later, Hiccup helped everyone train a dragon, and so Astrid and Stormfly bonded for the first time. Throughout the final battle, they found they worked naturally together: although Astrid blatently found it strange and terrifying riding a dragon, the two worked well together, beginning to see their worth as a team. They later helped Hiccup, Toothless and the other teens in their battle against the Red Death.

Even though Astrid fell off her dragon during the battle, she was later seen riding Stormfly during Hiccup's closing narration, and looking as though she was enjoying herself much more.


Gift of the Night Fury

Astrid and Stormfly were seen decorating Berk together. Stormfly is following Astrid's commands and helping her to prepare the village for Snoggletog, hinting that they have trained a lot since the battle with the Red Death. When all of the dragons fly away to have their babies, Astrid sadly states, "I was looking forward to spending the holiday with Stormfly."

However, not even their strong bond could stay in the way of Stormfly leaving the island. It was later revealed that the dragons went to lay their eggs; a fact which Astrid seems much relieved about on their return, suggesting that she- like the other Berkians- was worried her dragon had left for good. When the dragons return, Astrid and Stormfly reunite, with the latter also bringing her babies. She shows her children to Astrid, allowing her to touch them and stroke them, which Astrid takes great joy in. They then celebrate Snoggletog together in the Great Hall.

Stormfly! Oh, you came back! And you have babies! [Astrid greeting Stormfly and her babies when they return to Berk [src]]

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

The duo continue their strong bond, both in present time and in the flashback. During races they work together as an unstoppable team, until Hookfang and Snotlout collide with Astrid and Stormfly, knocking Astrid from her dragon and causing her to break her arm, preventing her from continuing with the racing. When this occurs, Stormfly, despite being knocked from the sky, recovers as quickly as she can in order to be the first to get to her injured mistress' aid. She then stays beside Astrid, and when Astrid shows anger towards Sntolout for kncoking into her, Stormfly too growls at him and flares her spines. The two are later shown refereeing the races, as Astrid can no longer fly at high speeds as she cannot hold onto Stormfly. Stormfly makes a visible attempt to fly gently and slowly, demonstrating her great consideration for Astrid's feelings.

Dragons: Riders of Berk


In "How to Start a Dragon Academy", Astrid and Stormfly train very closely, more so than most of the other Dragon Riders, as Stormfly knows a lot of tricks and roll calls. Stormfly also greets Astrid every morning through her bedroom window, which Astrid says is one of the best parts of her day, everyday. Astrid is also able to pick up on Stormfly's anxiety and offer comfort.

The pair still have a lot of room for developing their bond. While out practice-flying in the forests of Berk in "The Terrible Twos", Stormfly disobeys Astrids command to fly between two closely-situated trees. She does so, however, because flying where Astrid directed may have resulted in her being injured. Instead Stormfly bucks Astrid off her back temporarily and then catches her on the other side of the trees, where Astrid realized a tree had fallen. Astrid realizes that she should have paid closer attention to Stormfly instead of directing her into a dangerous situation, and apologises to her dragon.

Astrid is forced to give up Stormfly for a time, when the dragons are blamed for a series of property destruction events in "In Dragons We Trust". Stoick orders all dragons banished from Berk to Dragon Island. In fact Mildew framed them, but was never caught. Astrid and Stormfly have a sad good-bye on Dragon Island, at which point the extent to which their bond has reached in such a short time becomes plainly evident: Astrid almost begins to cry as Stormfly is being caged and murmurs that it feels "like my heart is breaking". Stormfly also appears greatly distressed and looks around her in evident concern, trying to get to Astrid.

The pair are reunited in the following episode, "Alvin and the Outcasts", after defeating Alvin the Treacherous at Dragon Island. During the skirmish, Stormfly twists in mid-air to avoid an in-coming boulder, but it results in Astrid falling to the enemy ship and being captured. This may indicate that the dragon and rider are still learning combative flight techniques, which would make sense, as they have been together for under six months.

In "How to Pick Your Dragon", it appears that Astrid may project her own secret insecurities as a female Viking onto Stormfly, and strives to prove herself and Stormfly as superior warriors to the many other males.

In the episode: "Dragon Flower", Stormfly and Astrid are riding together through Berk village with Hiccup and Toothless, when they fly past the Blue Oleander flowers, causing Stormfly to spiral out of control and nearly collide with Toothless, who is experiencing similar effects. Astrid tries to calm her dragon down, and looks somewhat concerned that she doesn't seem to be feeling well. When later on, Stormfly sneezes and shoots a row of spines, Astrid knows something is up with her dragon and seems visibly worried- alogn with all the other Riders for the health of their dragons. Later, Astrid is shown caring for Stormfly in the stables. Stormfly is curled up and appears to be looking sadly to Astrid for help. Astrid kindly talks to Stormfly, stroking her and attempting to make her feel better; whereupon Stormfly sneezes again, sending a miriad of spines towards Astrid, who ducks out the way just in time. Stormfly croons apologetically to Astrid, who shows the strength of their friendship by merely smiling sympathetically and dismisses the incident, saying: "Don't worry Stormfly, I'm a soldier. I've been shot at before."

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

During the events of Defenders of Berk, Astrid and Stormfly's relationship continues to develop as they train and learn more about eachother. By this time, even though little time has lapsed since Astrid trained Stormfly, the two have a strong bond and care for eachother deeply. During the battle of the Screaming Death: an event which makes up the main adventure of this season, Astrid and Stormfly ride together exceptionally well with almost no setbacks, indicating that they have trained and bonded together well. There occurs one incident where the riders attempt to calm the Screaming Death with dragon nip, resulting in all their dragons- including Stormfly- to fall asleep on scenting it, leaving the riders defenceless. Even so, this minor misunderstanding was through no fault of Astrid or Stormfly's, and the pair continue to fight the Screaming Death profficiently working together. Throughout the whole season, Astrid demonstrated her consideration for her dragon, often talking to her and always being confident of Stormfly's abilities, whilst Stormfly herself never failed to look after Astrid, and sense her mistress' mood. Astrid demonstrated how far trainign with Stormfly has led her in the episode "Worst in Show," when she and the other teens attempt to train Terrible Terrors in order to prove their dragon training skills, aquired through training of their ow dragons. Stormfly seems to hold no jealousy over Astrid and her new Terror, and when Astrid manages to successfully train her Terror with ease, she seems pleased at how far he skills have come. Although Stormfly does not experience any of the jealousy that Meatlug does over the new Terrors, Astrid makes sure not to show an excess of affecion to her new training partner, with her usual regard for Stormfly's feelings, and once the episode is over, her Terror is not mentioned again, as she goes back to training with Stormfly, the two of them having prove dtheir skills as dragona nd rider.

In the episode "Bing! Bam! Boom!", Stormfly and Astrid have their turn at attempting to train the young Thunderdrums, Bing, Bang and Boom. Here, the pair show that despite how far they have progressed in learning and bonding together, they still ahve some work in coordination to do: Astrid stands on the sidelines desperately yelling instructions and guidance to her dragon, whilst Stormfly attempts to get the Shortwing babies udner control as they dart around her. The two seem not to be listening to one another very well (most likely not helped by the sonic screeches of the Thunderdrums) and everythign spirals out of control rapidly. Later, Astrid and Stormfly demonstrate that they have quickly learnt and adpated their method of workign together with Thunderdrums, as when the Riders are chasing Bing, Bang and Boom through Berk, Astrid and Stormfly use Stormfly's immense speed and agility to cut in front of the rampaging dragons and cut them off- with Stormfly's spines- from flying into the town center. Here, Astrid and Stormfly show their adaptability as a pair, and find a way to listen to each other even with the Thunderdrums as a distraction.

During the episode "Heather Report, Part 1" and its counterpart, Stormfly and Astrid are demonstrated to have trained extremely hard, being able to keep up with Toothless and Hiccup and even coming close to flying faster than them. Astrid appears extremely proud of Stormfly, refusing to reveal the secret of their newfound speed to the gang. When Heather comes to the island, Astrid becomes somewhat protective of Stormfly, seeing that Heather seems to have her eyes on the Nadder. Stormfly soon ends up trusting Heather, despite Astrid being very protective over her dragon. Although Astrid does not get cross with Stormfly for this, she demonstrates considerable concern and anger, hinting at understandable protectiveness over her dragon. 

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Dragons: Race to the Edge

Stormfly and Astrid
In Race to the Edge, Astrid is constantly training with her dragon. She cares for her dragon a lot and together they train every morning. Astrid also often talks to Stormfly whilst the two train, and Stormfly usually responds with growls and other noises, indicating that she understands Astrid is talking to her, and she seems to enjoy it. In the episode "Night of the Hunters, Part 1", Stormfly is captured, causing Astrid to go through a lot of stress. Throughout the whole show, the two fight valiantly together.

Their close bond allows them to fight side by side in battle as equals, both of them ready to do anything to protect the other whether its putting themselves in harm's way or keeping the other safe. In the episode "No Dragon Left Behind", when Astrid believed Stormfly was poisoned, she went as far as to punch a Slitherwing in order to obtain the necessary venom for Stormfly's condition, and was driven to tears at the prospect of losing Stormfly when the antivenom didn't work. She was willing to die to save her dragon, saying to the others that she couldn't lose her. On finding that the antivenom had failed to work, Astrid began to cry: this is the first time in the entirety of the Franchise where she is shown to cry properly. Finally, Astrid discovered Stormfly had in fact been grieving the loss of Garff- she had never been poisoned. Whilst evidently relieved she was not about to lose her dragon, Astrid continued to take Stormfly's feelings into account, comforting her dragon by talking to her and telling her that they would never forget what a great friend Garff was. She evn draws a picture in the silt for Stormfly, of Stormfly and Garff together. The two share their grief together, but Astrid tries to help comfort Stormfly, and when Garff is revealed to still be alive, the two rejoice greatly with eachother, sharing one another's feelings. Astrid later thanks Garff for "doing so much for all of us, especially my girl here."

Night Fury to edit

Astrid draws for Stormfly

No... I can't lose her. [-Astrid, unable to accept the fact that Stormfly may not be able to be cured. [src]]

When Astrid was blind, Stormfly tossed Astrid aside during a battle, much to her protest, to keep her out of danger. She was also shown to react similarly to Astrid's temprary blindness as to when Astrid broke her arm; she flew considerately and carefully, demonstrating her care for Astrid's feelings. Astrid leans on Stormfly as she is finding it difficult to get around, and Stormfly appears to be concerned for her.

During the episode "Buffalord Soldier",  Stormfly and Astrid begin by demomstrating their usual competence at flying together, surveying a stretch of water on the map. When they land on the ship they come across, Astrid tells Stormfly what to do with just a word and a hand signal: Stormfly instantly obeys and prepares her spines. When Stormfly senses the danger, she flies Astrid out as quickly as she can in order to save her. Later on, Stormfly awakes Hiccup in the middle of the night, looking anxious and skittish, then leads Hiccup to where Astrid is lying sick on her bed. This shows again that Stormfly can sense her mistress' feelings, and knows when she's not feeling well. Throughout the entirety of Astrid's illness, Stormfly appears worried and more skittish than usual, with a tendency to run around somewhat desperately, indicating that she understands that her mistress is sick. After Astrid has been cured, the first thing she does- after thanking the other riders- is to walk up to Stormfly and wordlessly, gratefully hug her head. 

Astrid and Stormly know each other so well that they can predict each other's actions in times of crisis.  When a lightning storm scares off all the dragons, Astrid and Stormfly are the first to reunite by predicting what the other would do. This yet again demonstrates the strength of their bond: they know each other so well that they see instantaneously what the other would do in the circumstance.

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How to Train Your Dragon 2

The bond between Astrid and Stormfly is constantly evolving especially in this film. The bond between dragon and rider is plainly obvious and has been improved over the years. Astrid rides Stormfly a lot, has taught her new tricks and many more. When Stormfly got shot - to protect Eret - down by a poisonous dart on Drago's lair, Astrid was the first to react and tried to break loose of the chains holding her, almost angry and sad to see her dragon suffer like that. It caused a major effect on Eret as well that made him change the way he saw dragons, and later he manages to calm Stormfly down and treats her with kindness and respect. Astrid and Stormfly look after one another greatly throughout the film; during dragon racing they manage to excecute some complex and brilliant trust manouevers which win them the match, including Astrid leaping from Stormfly's back and running across Barf and Belch in order to retrieve the Black Sheep midair, then jumping back onto Stormfly, who then makes a twirling dive for the finish. This further demonstrates the strength of the duo's bond, and how much they trust each other: as America Ferrera states, they are shown to trust one another just as much as Hiccup and Toothless, and have just as good a bond, even though it is often underrated. In this film, the rapid development of their relationship is really revealed. When Drago's Bewilderbeast takes control over the dragons, Stormfly jerks uncontrollably as she briefly attempts to fight the command to follow, before- like the other dragons- her pupils dilate and she flaps mindlessly after Drago. Astrid's reaction to this is one of horror, similar to when Stormfly flew off to have her babies. Later, when the pair are reunited back on Berk, Astrid and Stormfly hug one another joyously and Astrid is seen whispering fondly to her dragon.

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In this second graphic novel, Stormfly is caught in cocoon-like webbing while Astrid is sealed up in a cave with the other Dragon Riders. The Riders burst out of the cave and fight the Silkspanner dragons, while Astrid finds Stormfly. She frees her with her flaming axe, and hugs Stormfly affectionately, with the words: "I missed you too, girl."

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

In the third movie, Astrid and Stormfly are first shown on a Dragon Hunter ship, freeing the captive dragons there. Their relationship is stronger than ever, as the two fight displaying incredible skill, their training with one another over the past six years having paid off. Unlike the other riders, Astrid relies less on Stormfly to defend her, putting her own fighting skills into practice as well; likewise, Stormfly seems to be fairly independent at fighting the trappers, whilst still obeying Astrid's calls and commands. The two work independently whilst still trusting and beign there for one another: they have found a perfect balance between depending upon one another and fighting solo. Throughout the whole film, Astrid and Stormfly continue to demonstrate their firm bond and affection for one another, and when they enter the Hidden World on the back of Stormfly, both dragon and rider have similar reactions to the unearthly beauty of the place. When a wild Rumblehorn notices Hiccup and Astrid's presence in the Hidden World and rears up threateningly at them, Stormfly looks alarmed and races forward to try and save her mistress and Hiccup, at the same time as Astrid calling in distress: "Stormfly!" Stormfly manages to retrieve Astrid and fly her out.

Saying goodbye

Finally, when Hiccup and Toothless know they have to part ways, Astrid looks back at Stormfly sadly and knows what she has to do. She walks slowly over to Stormfly, scratching her neck in the spot she loves, then takes off Stormfly's saddle and lets it fall to the ground, before hugging Stormfly's head affectionately and murmuring with a cracking voice: "Oh Stormfly. My good girl." Stormfly growls sadly in reply, understanding what is happening as well. Stormfly then flies off, along with the other dragons, Astrid staring sadly after her.
THW-Astrid, Zephyr, Stormfly

Astrid and Stormfly are reunited.

After this sad apparent ending to their relationship, nearly ten years later, Astrid and her family go to visit their dragons in the Hidden World. After Toothless is seen to succssefully recognise Hiccup, the family begin flying on the dragons. Suddenly, Astrid appears in the sky, riding jubilantly on Stormfly, who has apparently recognised her with ease. The two have retained the strength of their bond, and spiral exultantly and joyfully through the sky, both dragon and rider incredibly happy to see one another again.

Memorable Quotes

Films and Shorts

I was looking forward to spending the holiday with Stormfly. [src]
  — Astrid, after Stormfly left for the dragon migration  

TV Series

There's my girl. Don't worry. We won't tell anyone about your soft spot. We'll just keep that between you and me. [src]
Tuffnut: "Is Astrid crying? I've never seen anything like that before. How are we supposed to deal with that? Nobody's ever prepared us for anything like this."
Ruffnut: "It's, uh, dust in the air. Always gets me this time of year. Astrid doesn't cry! The wind kicks up, and then all sorts of stuff blows through. It's the dust. I'm telling you it's the dust!"
Tuffnut: "No, no, no, no. I know allergies, and I-I know crying. And those? Those right there are definitely tears of sadness and regret, folks. I'd- I'd know those salty suckers anywhere . . ."
Astrid: "How would you feel if you were losing your dragon?"[src]
I don't know what I would do without Stormfly. [src]
  — Astrid, to Hiccup  


We come into the second film and everybody has really, really tight relationships with their dragons. It's not just any dragon you’re riding, it's your dragon, and Astrid's dragon is Stormfly. It's her buddy, it's her friend, it's her partner and her confidant. They’ve put each other's lives in each other's hands and that relationship is true for all the characters and their dragons, as much as it is for Hiccup and Toothless.
  America Ferrera on Astrid and Stormfly[2]  
Oh, Stormfly. My good girl. [Astrid saying goodbye to Stormfly, before she leaves for the Hidden World. [src]]


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