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Astrid Hofferson is a female Viking Warrior and dragon rider of Berk.

Early Life

Right from an early age, Astrid began working on to restore her family's honor as well as to earn validation as a warrior. During a flashback in "Fright of Passage", it was revealed that during the Aurvandil's Fire, five-year-old Astrid was shown attempting to take care of the Flightmare by herself. She was quickly stopped by her uncle Fearless Finn Hofferson who told her this was not a battle for her just yet. Finn then decided to confront the dragon on his own, leaving his niece watching in concern from afar.


Five year old Astrid

Astrid didn't see the outcome herself but heard from onlookers that her uncle froze in the Flightmare's presence. She considered stepping in but was held back by Gobber who informed her that her wee axe would be useless against a dragon such as the Flightmare. Unable to accept what had occurred, and the shame bestowed upon her family's name, Astrid settled to plan for vengeance for the next time the Flightmare would appear in ten years in the Dragons: Defenders of Berk television series.

Although while her favorite uncle's demise certainly weighs in, Astrid's Viking warrior status is primarily based on the Hoffersons being a decorated warrior family.[1]

Dragon Training and Ending the Dragon War

Astrid: "Hiccup, we just discovered the Dragons' Nest. The thing we've been after since Vikings first sailed here. And you want to keep it a secret?! To protect your pet dragon?! Are you serious?!"
Hiccup: "Yes."
After being recruited to put out fires during a dragon raid, Astrid is seen helping to put out fires with Snotlout Jorgenson, Fishlegs Ingerman and the twins, Ruffnut Thorston and Tuffnut Thorston, while Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (doing an introductory narration) introduces her to the audience. After Hiccup is sent home by his father, Astrid is among the group but does not join in their mockery of Hiccup, as she is more curious about the boy. 

Astrid's first introduction

She is later seen with the other students in Dragon Training, along with Hiccup, much to their dismay. During their first encounter with a Gronckle as their first lesson, Astrid is shown to be the star pupil as the other students are knocked out of the lesson one by one. She takes pride in her family name and is shown to be a great warrior. Later, in the Great Hall, the other students mock Hiccup's performance and Astrid doesn't hesitate to criticize him either, though not for the sake of mocking him, but only because she thought Hiccup needed to understand his mistakes in the battlefield.

Gobber the Belch hands the students the Dragon Manual for the group to study and Astrid was eager to study it, but because Hiccup butted in and said that they'd study together, Astrid held in some doubts and eventually stated that she had "read the book", only because she does not want to be seen (or even spend time) with Hiccup. During the student's next lesson—this time against a Deadly Nadder in a labyrinth—Astrid again comes out on top. Angered with Hiccup getting in her way, she is quick to berate him by saying that they're about to inherit their parents' war and commands him to figure out what side he fights for. That night, Astrid is listening to Gobber's stories about dragons with the others when she notices Hiccup suddenly leave without saying anything. Although curious, she thinks nothing of it and leaves him be. 

At the next lesson, the students are facing a Hideous Zippleback in paired teams: Astrid with Ruff, Hiccup with Fishlegs, and Snotlout with Tuff. Due to Snotlout and Tuff's jeers, Astrid and Ruff lose their buckets of water (in annoyance to the two), which they needed to douse the Zippleback's spark-breathing head. While Hiccup loses the last bucket of water, Astrid is shocked to see Hiccup has somehow frightened the Zippleback back into its cage by merely motioning to it. As the lessons progress, it soon becomes apparent that Hiccup is becoming better and better, always seeming to have a way with the dragons and exerting control over them. He soon overtakes Astrid as the star pupil, which stirs her jealousy even further. After one particular lesson, Astrid vents her anger in the forest by throwing her axe into trees when she sees Hiccup sneaking around. She attempts to follow him but loses sight of him through the foliage, maddening her even more. 

The following night, Astrid hears a crash from Hiccup's stall at the blacksmith shop and finds Hiccup "acting weird—well, weirder" and then suddenly disappearing (as if being forcefully pulled by something and into the forge), further deepening her doubt.

Not long after, Astrid and Hiccup are the only students left in the race to see who gets the right to slay their first dragon. They are faced with the Gronckle when she threatens Hiccup to stay out of her way. Despite Astrid's best efforts, she still ends up losing when Hiccup immobilizes the Gronckle in little to no time at all. The Viking Elder, Gothi, denies Astrid the right to kill the Monstrous Nightmare and instead gives it to Hiccup. Astrid threw out a rage at hearing this, thinking all her efforts at being the best all came to a waste just because of Hiccup. She didn't even hesitate to give him glares every now and then. 

This time, Astrid manages to follow Hiccup to the cove he's been visiting after training, along with her trusty axe. Hiccup was shocked to see her there but Astrid demands answers on Hiccup's sudden changes in action, both in Dragon Training and in general. Astrid then begins interrogating Hiccup on the real reason for his sudden improvements in Dragon Training as well as his riding vest which he has never shown in public. Astrid then notices the figure of Toothless which appeared to alarm her, as she pushed Hiccup down with her as she dove to the ground (thinking this was the logical thing to do), but before she can recognize Toothless, Hiccup distracts her by admitting that he is "through with the lies" as well as "making outfits", which causes Astrid to twist Hiccup's arm painfully "for the lies" and hit him hard with the handle of her axe "for everything else", which finally provokes Toothless.

Astrid hanging from a tree

Thinking that Astrid is a threat to Hiccup, Toothless charges out with a loud and aggressive roar and is about to attack her. Hiccup grabs Astrid's axe, casts it away and stops Toothless in mid-pounce by telling him that Astrid is a friend. After an introduction to one another, during which Toothless snarls at her, Astrid realizes that the reason Hiccup had beaten her in Dragon Training was that he had befriended a dragon, which was the hated enemy of the Vikings, and runs off in anger to tell the villagers. But in the middle of the forest, before she can make it, she is snatched up and placed screaming on the pinnacle of a tree by Toothless and Hiccup where he asks for a chance to explain.

Hiccup tries to explain, but she refuses to hear any explanation, yet Hiccup manages to talk her into letting him show her instead and she climbs onto Toothless behind Hiccup (Toothless snarls at her as she gets on). Hiccup tells the Night Fury to gently land. However, Toothless is not so tame as that and deliberately scares Astrid with daring flying maneuvers until she finally apologizes to the dragon. Toothless finally stops and takes her and Hiccup on an extraordinarily brilliant flight above the clouds and Berk. She gradually becomes more comfortable with Hiccup and even rests her head on his shoulder. Astrid is amazed by the flight and what she sees, realizing just how wrong she was about Toothless and Hiccup.

Astrid amazed at the view

During the flight, however, when reminding Hiccup of the oncoming event on which Hiccup "Will have to kill a dragon", Toothless suddenly flies towards parts unknown and the group soon find themselves in a flock of dragons carrying their kill and food towards none other than the Dragons' Nest. Astrid and Hiccup are shocked to discover the dragons steal and raid from the village to feed a monstrous dragon called the Red Death in order to avoid being eaten themselves.

When they get back, Astrid wants to tell the village about what they saw but Hiccup manages to talk her out of it, for the time being, fearing the other Vikings will kill Toothless. Impressed by Hiccup's persistence on keeping Toothless a secret and his loyalty to Toothless, she agrees and suddenly punches him on the arm "for kidnapping her" before kissing him on the cheek "for everything else."

Astrid seeing what Hiccup is doing

The next day, Hiccup having become star pupil in Dragon Training has to take his final examination which involves killing his first dragon, the Monstrous Nightmare. Astrid wishes Hiccup good luck and agrees to make sure the Vikings don't find Toothless if something goes wrong, but adds, "Just . . . promise me it won't go wrong." to which he never gives an answer. She watches as Hiccup faces the Nightmare and throws his weapon, shield, and helmet to the ground, determined to show the Vikings the truth about dragons. But Stoick, infuriated by his son's traitorous behavior, bellows for the match to stop and strikes the handrail of the Dragon Training arena with his hammer.

The noise frightens the Nightmare, resulting in it attacking Hiccup, which is exactly what Hiccup tells Astrid he's worried about. Astrid gets into the arena and tries to help Hiccup escape but ends up in danger as well until Stoick gets into the ring to help them. Astrid manages to clamber out but Hiccup ends up in the Nightmare's claws before he's saved by Toothless. Toothless fights off the Nightmare but won't leave Hiccup, thinking the Vikings are threats and almost kills Stoick in the process. The Vikings swarm Toothless and Astrid has to stop Hiccup from interfering so he doesn't get hurt. Later she hears that Stoick disowns Hiccup.

Astrid attempts to comfort Hiccup for his losses after the Vikings set sail for the Nest and the deadly Red Death which the Vikings aren't aware of. She asks why Hiccup didn't kill Toothless that first chance, saying she wants to remember what he says. Hiccup finally tells her that he didn't because at that critical moment, he saw that Toothless was just as scared as he himself was; for him, it was like looking in a mirror.

Hiccup and Astrid

Astrid willing to go along with Hiccup's plan

Astrid's words then motivate Hiccup to try to save the tribe and do something crazy.

Astrid rounds up the other students and Hiccup teaches them enough about riding and controlling the various dragons. Astrid stops Snotlout's attempt to grab a weapon when training the Monstrous Nightmare. Finally, they fly off to rescue their tribe from the Red Death which has broken out of the Nest to attack. Astrid sits astride the Deadly Nadder and drops off Hiccup so he can free Toothless from his chains while she goes to help the others fight the Red Death.

Astrid and Stormfly nearly end up getting eaten and she's knocked off her dragon. Thankfully, she's saved as Toothless catches her, and she enjoys a heart-quaking flight upside-down. Hiccup drops her off as he and Toothless lead the Red Death into the sky where they fight it and send it plummeting to its doom in a massive, fiery explosion.


Astrid and Hiccup's first kiss

When it seems that Hiccup has died in the fight, Astrid is brought to tears at seeing the sight before her. When Stoick announces that Hiccup survived, she is overjoyed at the news. When Hiccup finally wakes up back on Berk to a new village of dragons and Vikings living together (along with his prosthetic leg), Astrid punches him on the arm again for scaring her and then kisses him on the lips tenderly. Aside Stormfly, Astrid joins Hiccup, Toothless, and the other Vikings with their dragons as they soar together into the sky.

Hunting for the Boneknapper

This is a complete waste of time. [src]
  — Astrid  

Astrid and Stormfly are helping put out a fire that is raging through the home of Gobber, along with Hiccup, Fishlegs, Snotlout and their dragons. She listens as Gobber argues with Stoick over the cause of the fire: Gobber's underpants or the Boneknapper. When Gobber prepares to depart with his sheep, Phil, Astrid enthusiastically agrees to go with Gobber, when Hiccup says, "Alright, Vikings! Grab your shields."

Boneknapper Hiccstrid

Astrid helps Hiccup and the others row a seven-man longboat while Gobber appreciates their help and Fishlegs comments on the Boneknapper's legend. It isn't until Ruffnut says, in response to Gobber telling them that the Boneknapper is a silent killer, "So if we don't hear anything... we're dead?", that Astrid - along with all the others - stop rowing and listen to the silence. She is as startled as the other teens when Phil breaks the silence, causing Gobber to laugh. Gobber then decides to tell them about his first encounter with the Boneknapper, which involves a frozen Viking punching him in the face - twice.

Due to Gobber's distracting story, they crash and sink their boat, so they stand and listen to Gobber's second encounter, this time involving a Hammerhead Whale, a third story with a volcano and a Hammerhead Yak, and another time, involving the Hammerhead Whale, Hammerhead Yak, and Thor. The tales grew so wild that no-one, not even Hiccup, really believed him so Gobber decided to prove it with a trap after Hiccup tries to reason with him, due to Astrid's prompting.


While they are waiting for the Boneknapper to try and attack a disguised Fishlegs, Astrid complains to Hiccup how they should be trying to get home and is so distracted that she, along with everyone else, fail to notice the Boneknapper's arrival, except Fishlegs. After taking cover in the trap, she tries to convince Gobber to return the bone he had unintentionally stolen, hidden inside the treasure chest from his stories after Hiccup figures out what the Boneknapper wants. She flinches when Gobber's pants fall down and is just glad that they have a ride home as soon as Gobber returned the bone, making the Boneknapper an 'overgrown puppy dog'.

They all fly back to Berk on the Boneknapper, with Astrid seated behind Hiccup. They were all equally shocked when multiple female Boneknappers responded to their ride's mating call.

First Snoggletog with Dragons

I've got an idea! Let's come up with a bunch of new holiday traditions! You know, to bury the sadness! [src]
  — Astrid  

In Gift of the Night Fury, Astrid and the other inhabitants of Berk are preparing to celebrate their holiday Snoggletog for the first time with their dragons, as Astrid is seen helping decorate, assisted by Stormfly. After Stoick makes a speech, a strange sound causes all of Berk's dragons to fly off, including Stormfly, during which Astrid questions "Where's Hiccup?".

IMG 3132

When Hiccup arrives, everyone swarms him with questions about their dragons' sudden departure but alas Hiccup has no answers. Despite Stoick's trying to cheer the tribe up in the Great Hall, everyone is sad and disappointed. Astrid admits to her friends she'd been looking forward to spending the holiday with Stormfly but she tries to pep up by suggesting they should come up with some new holiday traditions, though Hiccup is the only one who supports her.

The next morning, Astrid tries to spread cheer with her new beverage, Yak-Nog (an obvious allusion to egg-nog) and Snotlout is the first to try it. However, he silently regrets it, especially since he has to swallow it instead of spitting it out in front of Astrid. Fishlegs is at first eager to try some but awkwardly declines after Snotlout shakes his head behind Astrid's back, warning him that the "beverage" is not fit for human consumption. Ruffnut and Tuffnut refuse based on the smell alone, so she decides to go see Hiccup.


Astrid's Yak-nog

She finds him in the forge, where he's working on a new prosthetic that will allow Toothless to fly without Hiccup's assistance, as he was bothered by Tuffnut saying that Toothless can't go anywhere without Hiccup's help. Astrid thinks it's a great idea and subsequently calls Hiccup amazing while running off to "spread more holiday cheer". Thankfully for Hiccup, she doesn't notice him spit out her Yak-Nog once she has left.

A few days later, Astrid is forced to duck while Meatlug and Hiccup fly where her head was. She shouts, "Hiccup?! Where are you going?!" and he replies, while holding onto the Gronckle for dear life, "I HAVE NO IDEA!!"

Astrid then confronts Fishlegs for chaining up his own dragon in a barn when the twins find several dragon eggs covered up in a nearby haystack, causing the teens to realize Meatlug is a female dragon, and that everyone's dragons must have left to lay their eggs.

At this point, Astrid has another idea for a Snoggletog tradition: They wrap Meatlug's eggs with ribbons and secretly place them in several homes in the village for everyone to find once the eggs hatch. Once finished, they get excited when all of a sudden one of the houses blows up and a baby Gronckle lands on Fishlegs, causing Astrid to realize the eggs explode when they hatch. Chaos subsequently ensues as the rest of the eggs begin to explode, damaging and setting fire to several buildings.

Astrid and Hiccup's second kiss

Astrid kissing Hiccup in Gift of the Night Fury

The Gronckle babies are rounded up and the villagers begin repairs when they see a cloud of dragons being led by Hiccup on Hookfang descend from the sky, bringing with them the dragons' babies. Everyone is reunited with their dragons, as is Astrid with Stormfly, and she's overjoyed to meet Stormfly's babies. Stoick then calls everyone and their Dragons to the Great Hall to celebrate. During the festivities, Astrid notices Hiccup and consoles him, knowing it's hard for him to see everyone else with their dragons, but says he did a wonderful thing and thanks him with a kiss and hug. Feeling sad, Hiccup asks Astrid where Toothless went, and she replies she doesn't know when she notices Toothless sneak into the Great Hall. She then teases Hiccup a bit before pushing him around so he can see Toothless who reveals he left to find and return Hiccup's Helmet. Hiccup hugs Toothless and Astrid wishes everyone a happy Snoggletog.

Welcoming the New Recruit

Hiccup shows a new dragon rider/trainer in the Book of Dragons. Astrid then told the new recruit about her Deadly Nadder, Stormfly.

Incorporating Dragons into Berk and War against the Outcasts

Astrid is seen asking Hiccup how he was feeling after his failed attempt in training several dragons in "How to Start a Dragon Academy". When Hiccup remarked that he had a 'master plan' to control the dragons, Astrid stated there were 'a bazillion dragons' and there was only one of him, and he had better know what he was doing. The next day, the gang arrives at the Arena, where Hiccup confesses to Astrid that he did not ask his father if he could train dragons there. She repeatedly asks him if he had asked his father for permission. She later becomes the second-in-command of the Berk Dragon Training Academy.

During the events of "Viking for Hire", Astrid teamed up with Fishlegs for Hiccup's quiz on dragons. She was later teased by Snotlout when he flirtatiously remarked that there was room for two on Hookfang. Unsurprisingly, she shoved him into the water. She also gave Hiccup the idea of having Gobber construct saddles for the villagers.

One snowy day in "Animal House", Hiccup and Astrid go 'Dragon-boarding', a new game that involved riding their dragons and sliding down a snow-capped mountain. They are rather competitive, constantly slowing each other down. Unfortunately, an avalanche rumbles behind them and Toothless' tail fin is frozen shut. The four of them are dragged into a chasm and safely evade the storm. When they regain consciousness, they huddle together for warmth and soon realize that the dragons had protected them from the snow when they were unconscious. The dragons set up a little fire before they quickly separate, embarrassed. Later, they return back to the village and recount the incident. After a while, they receive news that the livestock had escaped during their route to the Meade Hall. Astrid and Stormfly, along with the rest of the team, ward the animals back to the village.

When Hiccup found a baby Typhoomerang named Torch in "The Terrible Twos", Astrid and the other Riders studied him. She assisted by measuring his wing span. She also contributed to Torch's species name - Typhoomerang - by noting the little dragon flew in an arc and returned to the same spot like a "boomerang". After Hiccup "locks up" Toothless in The Cove because he seemed to be causing trouble from jealousy for Torch, Snotlout thinks he couldn't be leader of the Dragon Riders any longer. Astrid replies that if that were the case, then she would be next in line, not Snotlout.

Hiccup and Astrid leaning against the post

Astrid, along with the rest of the teens later join the Dragon United Monitoring Brigade or "DUMB" during the events of "In Dragons We Trust", and also goes about knocking on a random Viking's door to state her duty and they should report if there are any troubles with the Dragons. She is considered annoying and sent away. Later, all the dragons, including Stormfly, is sent to Dragon Island as they were framed by Mildew.

Shortly after the establishment of D.U.M.B. and Hiccup saw Mildew discard the props—the only evidence available—he used to fake dragon attacks to frame them, Astrid goes over to Hiccup in "Alvin and the Outcasts" and tells him they may never find any evidence. Dusk draws near, Hiccup and Astrid walk along one of the cliffs, when she spots a ship in the distance. They later realize that it isn't one of Berk's ships, but the Outcasts'. The Outcasts soon arrive at the docks and seize the teens. Thankfully, she reunites with Stormfly after Hiccup tricks them into leading the Outcasts to Dragon Island.

Astrid after hearing Hiccup ask her a question

Astrid advises Hiccup in "How to Pick Your Dragon", who is troubled trying to find a dragon for his father, to use the 'Honey and the Hatchet' trick, to tell Stoick something good, then the bad news. She later is sent with the rest of the team to search for a rogue Thunderdrum.

After the portrait of Hiccup and Stoick is completed in "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man", where Hiccup is portrayed as a more muscular teen, Astrid walks with Hiccup, allowing him to take all his emotions out on her. He comments to her, that a 'Hiccup' usually symbolizes a runt and expresses his displeasure about the fact that his father can't accept him. She then says that he does... he just accepts the painting more. She then reluctantly follows them to find the Treasure of Hamish II.

When Toothless starts showing signs that he was sick in "Dragon Flower", Astrid spots a sick Terrible Terror and remarks that it also seemed to be unwell. She later rushes to inform Hiccup that there seems to be an 'emergency'—all the dragons on Berk are falling ill. She later accuses Mildew of planting the poisonous Blue Oleander on Berk. to cause the dragons to fall ill.

I've seen this before

In "Heather Report, Part 1", Fishlegs is measuring flight speeds and remarks that Astrid and Stormfly are getting faster. Astrid doesn't explain it outright but hints that she has been experimenting with Stormfly's diet. They are soon interrupted by Snotlout who informs them of something he has discovered on the beach. It turns out to be a girl named Heather and she has been washed up on Berk after surviving a pirate attack. Astrid reminds Hiccup of their plan to meet up before they leave with Heather to sort of out her situation. That same night, while Astrid is feeding Stormfly some chicken, to boost up her speed for her showdown with Hiccup, she sees a shadowed figure sneak past her.

The next day, Hiccup ends up forgetting about his plans with Astrid and instead goes out on a test flight with Heather. Astrid spots them and is displeased. The other riders sense her jealousy and tease her about it. When Hiccup finally arrives at the academy, Astrid addresses Heather with sarcasm, asking if she slept well that night. She has grown suspicious of Heather by this point and warns Hiccup not to trust her.

Later that evening, Astrid catches Heather sneakily reading through the Dragon Manual and informs Hiccup of it. He doesn't see what the big deal is and simply shrugs off Astrid's suspicions. Astrid is still convinced Heather is putting up an act and her suspicions are confirmed when she stumbles upon Heather feeding Stormfly chicken. Heather taunts Astrid as Stormfly begins showing affection to the newcomer. Frustrated and annoyed, Astrid wanders off to the woods to practice with her axe and to blow off steam. Soon, she spots Heather running towards the shore and quietly follows her. She watches Savage's boat dock at the beach and then overhears Heather informing him of what she has learned about training dragons.

Astrid rushed back to town and then barges into Hiccup's house to blurt out everything she just saw. Hiccup follows her upstairs to his room only to find that Heather is sound asleep, contrary to Astrid's claims. Astrid insists what she saw was true but Hiccup is just as stubborn in his beliefs.

The next day, Astrid returns to the stables and notices that Stormfly is gone. She rushes into Hiccup's house, saying that Heather left with Stormfly and the Book of Dragons, and Hiccup finally believes Astrid. They quickly set off with the rest of the gang to caught up to Heather, spotting her heading to Outcast Island. Heather has boosted up Stormfly's speed by feeding her chicken, and they end up flying into Outcast Island territory, where the Book is seized.

Thankfully, Astrid promptly reunites with Stormfly in "Heather Report, Part 2", but Heather was unable to return and tries to escape by boat. Astrid spots her and blows it up on Stormfly. She throws her back into the prison cell, and despite Heather's claims that Alvin had her family captive, refuses to trust her again.


When the gang planned to return to Outcast Island to get the book back, she dressed up as Heather in an attempt to trick Alvin into thinking that she was Heather. She then set sails to the Island and pretends to be Heather. They later force Astrid to train some dragons for them, and she successfully trains a Nightmare. She tries to escape with the Book on the Nightmare, but the Outcasts warned her that if she does, her parents would be killed. Astrid then realizes that Heather was speaking the truth. She gives in and meets Heather's parents, and whisper her plan to them. However, Alvin touches her hair and notices paint and her cover is blown.

The Riders soon arrive and Astrid, along with the Nightmare she just trained, destroys the fort and get the Book back. Back on Berk, Heather and Astrid should make up as friends.

Astrid hiccup thawfest kiss

Their first kiss of the TV series sequel to the film.

Astrid participates in the Thawfest Games in "Thawfest". Snotlout wins all the physical activities, while Hiccup the dragon activities. Hiccup and Snotlout soon have a draw, and Astrid remarks that Hiccup seemed 'edgier' than usual, and commented that he was a 'lousy winner'. When Hiccup allowed Snotlout to win, she mentions that she had liked the fact that Hiccup was a gracious loser, and when he makes it up to her she kisses him again.

Astrid encourages Stormfly to rest on the new perches Hiccup created for dragons in "When Lightning Strikes". She also rescued a dragon when lightning nearly struck it. She later helped construct the cape of a statue for Thor. She is also incredibly angry at Mildew for accusing Toothless of attracting lightning and defended the dragon.

Astrid, during the events of "What Flies Beneath", was very vocal in her defense of Hiccup when Snotlout made various insensitive comments about Hiccup's role in depriving Toothless of the ability to fly solo, and almost going over to beat him up before Hiccup stopped her.

Astrid taught Stormfly several hand signals in "Twinsanity", such as an open palm for the spine-shot. Later, she expressed her displeasure about the fact that Dagur had become Chief. She later tried to find the twins to control Barf and Belch, as Dagur wanted to kill them and where in search of the dragon. She later faked a dragon attack and commanded Stormfly to shoot spines with her new hand signals.

He's just trying to protect you

When Hiccup goes away to find Snotlout in "Defiant One", Astrid explained to Stoick where Hiccup was.

Astrid, Hiccup, and Fishlegs went to Breakneck Bog in the episode "Breakneck Bog", Astrid convinces the other teens to stay and help Hiccup retrieve his chest that was from his mother that was stolen by the Fog Monster, when they were about to leave in fear. She does this by telling them to "put yourself in his shoes" and asking them "What if it was your mother?".

Astrid and the rest of the teens faced off several mother Changewings and helped return their eggs in "Gem of a Different Color".

Astrid learns to summon Deadly Nadders by calling them in "We Are Family, Part 1". She also trained a few Nadders to fly in perfect formation. When Hiccup was troubled about the fact that Toothless was the only Night Fury, Astrid assures him that aside from having Hiccup, Toothless will be fine and reports that Stoick and Gobber are looking for Hiccup and want to see him in the Great Hall. Later, she realized that Hiccup had wanted to head to the Isle of Night without them and was upset.

In "We Are Family, Part 2", all the riders, including Stoick, head to the Isle of Night and Astrid reminds them that it should be crawling with Night Furies and tells them to fly low until they get a sense of where Hiccup might be, and how many Night Furies there are.

Dragon Down

Dangers of the Deep

In The Ice Castle, which is the third volume from the Riders of Berk Comics, the Northlander Tribe Chief Arngrim Dammen pays Berk a visit. His initial intentions are to sell the Hooligans some of his furs to keep warm for the winter. However, he quickly takes an interest in the dragons, especially Stormfly, which makes Astrid very suspicious of the trader.


Arngrim ends up kidnapping Stormfly, sneaking her onboard his ship and then makes his escape towards the Ice Needles, which is a large glacier fortress. Astrid is fueled with anger when she discovers that her dragon has been taken away and decides to track Arngrim down along with Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders. They succeed in their mission and Astrid reunites with Stormfly.

In The Stowaway, the fourth volume of the Riders of Berk Comics, a young man named Hroar stowaways on a Hooligan passage ship to make his way to Berk so he can check out the dragons. Hroar appears to be handsome, brave, intelligent and considerably much brawnier than Hiccup. He quickly wins everyone over, including Stoick the Vast, and even manages to impress Astrid much to Hiccup's obvious dismay.

While Astrid becomes better acquainted with Hroar, even letting him ride on Stormfly with her, Hiccup grows more and more suspicious of the newcomer. Once Hroar has tamed his own dragon, Torch, he invites Astrid along with him for a flight. Oblivious to Hroar's true nature, Astrid joins him without question and ends up getting led into a trap. Luckily, Hiccup arrives just in time to expose Hroar and stop him fulfilling his destructive intentions.

Astrid ends up dropping Hroar into a fish barrel as payback for his deception.

The Legend of Ragnarok

In "Queen of the Hill" Astrid and Stormfly are stranded on an unknown island full of wild Smothering Smokebreaths.


Outcast War continues and the Berserker War

Astrid encouraged Hiccup to defy his father's ban on flying in "Live and Let Fly" and joined Hiccup's 'Flight club'. The Dragons Riders practiced flying under the cover of the dark at night, honing their skills and sharpening their knowledge on dragons. They later defended Berk against Alvin and his Outcast's attack.

Hate having to wake her

During the events of "The Iron Gronckle", Astrid, along with the rest of the gang, headed off to search for an Outcast ship. After a failed attempt, in which the team attributes to Fishlegs and Meatlug's slow speed, they abandon him behind. Later, Astrid points out that they could have used some of the duo's skills in finding the ship.

Astrid, as chosen by Hiccup, put together a survival test that involved most of the other Dragon Trainers surviving on Dragon Island without their dragons in "The Night and the Fury". The test involves making it from one point of Dragon Island without their dragons and any camping at night. After splitting up, she meets a wild Nadder and successfully evades an attack. Having journeyed for a while, she sees the rest of the team, with Dagur! Playing along with the gang and fooling Dagur into thinking that they were hunting dragons, she soon escapes with Stormfly, who broke out with the other dragons to find her.


Astrid and Snotlout picked up water to help Berk when the well went dry in "Tunnel Vision". Despite the latter's insistent pleas to sell the water for a fortune, she hands out water for free. Later, Astrid defended Berk when Whispering Deaths, along with the Screaming Death, attacked. She and the others were able to fight them off.

In "Race to Fireworm Island", Astrid rounds up some Fireworms and later journeys to Fireworm Island with the others to find a cure for Hookfang's dying flames.

In the events of "Fright of Passage", Astrid redeemed her family's honor when Aurvandil's Fire and the Flightmare returned ten years after it had shamed her uncle Fearless Finn Hofferson by freezing him with fear. Astrid and Hiccup then learned that the Flightmare paralyzed its victims by spraying a mist at them. Astrid, Hiccup, Fishlegs and their dragons then figured that the Flightmare was following glowing algae in the river. The three of them and their dragons then cut a new path away from the village. They also had their dragons eat the algae in order to blind the Flightmare and lead it away from Berk.

Astrid upon hearing Hiccup clear her family's name

When a practice drill turns into a Terrible Terror training contest in "Worst in Show", Astrid trains a Terror named Sneaky who is trained to be stealthy and travel without being spotted. Competitive by nature, she fights for Sneaky's title as the best-trained dragon when the team falls into a chaotic argument about which trainer is the best. When Meatlug gets kidnapped by the outcasts, each of the members brings their Terrors along. Astrid instructed Sneaky to land on Alvin's head, causing Savage to hit him hard on the head once Sneaky flies away.

With Fishlegs' new initiative to track dragon migration in "Appetite for Destruction", Astrid and Hiccup are assigned to tag dragons with colors. Astrid playfully mocks Hiccup and asks him to join in the fun. Later, she questions the effectiveness of 'Terror Mail'. When the Screaming Death appears, she and Fishlegs round up several wild dragons to defeat it.

During the events of "Zippleback Down", Astrid was taught how to deactivate dragon traps and successfully did so. Along with the other riders, she heads to deactivate dragon traps left behind from the war. Back at the village, she is surprised to see that Tuffnut had trained Torch.

Astrid, along with Snotlout and Hiccup, was tasked on a search mission to find Bucket and Mulch after they had been missing during a fishing trip in "A View to a Skrill, Part 1". After finding them, and a Skrill trapped in an iceberg, they head back to Berk. Astrid later points out that the Skrill is the symbol of the Berserker Tribe, which hints at why they wanted it. After the Skrill escapes, they chase after it, only to find that it was captured by the Berserkers.

During the events of "The Flight Stuff", Astrid attempts to convince Snotlout that he isn't dying despite the fact that he has seen the 'Five Signs of Valhalla'.Later that night, Astrid distracts a Berserker ship so that Hiccup and Snotlout can get a chance to sneak up and see their new weapon.


In the episodes "Free Scauldy", Astrid was paired up with Snotlout for a scouting mission. Much to her disgust, Snotlout kept repeatedly flirting with her hitting on her. Annoyed, she calls him sweet names and returns his somewhat flirtatious behavior. When they meet the rest of the gang up, only to find them being attacked by Changewings and a beached Scauldron, they swoop in to help. Astrid later assists them in helping the injured Scauldron swim away. She later recounts to Hiccup, that she had successfully put Snotlout in an awkward position with her name calling.

When Speed Stingers attack Berk in "Frozen", she is one of the few villagers who escape unscathed and take refuge with the rest in the Cove. When Hiccup returns from his mission, she embraces him with a hug. Later, she assists the Riders in their attempt to kidnap the Lead Stinger and Stormfly carries it in a cage across the ocean.


Astrid and Snotlout race to the Great Hall in "A Tale of Two Dragons", and end up destroying the Hall. As a punishment, they have to work in Mildew's field. Astrid and Snotlout's dragons start fighting while working and the duo start blaming each other's dragons for being 'out of control'. Astrid later demands to change a group member to Hiccup, to which Hiccup agrees. But when she turns up, Snotlout is there too and she realized that she had been tricked. To settle the dispute, Hiccup swaps their dragons. Astrid is remarkably impressed with Hookfang's skills. The next morning, she returns to the Academy to feed him, only to find Snotlout doing so to Stormfly. Smiling, the duo makes their way in and notice that the dragons had broken out of the pens. Soon, they find the duo on Mildew's cabbage field fighting. In order to stop them from fighting, they sit on each other's dragons, to prevent their own from attacking the other in order to protect their Rider. Fishlegs then come along, to reveal that there is Dragon Root under the soil. Using the skills Astrid learned about Hookfang, she and Snotlout successfully dislodge the Root. Hiccup tells Snotlout and Astrid that they can cooperate as a team and mend their fences only by themselves and not depending on someone to control their behavior and attitudes. The duo then worked together to harvest the cabbages.

You're okay 2

Astrid and the rest of the team head to Healer's Island to collect ingredients when the village comes down with Eel Pox in "The Eel Effect". After Hiccup and Toothless leave for Eel Island to collect the last ingredient—eels, she heads back to Berk with the rest. Soon, she comes down with Eel Pox and waits on a rooftop for Hiccup. Hiccup soon returns, much to her delight, and coaxes her to go back indoors. After having the medication, she recovers.

After Trader Johann comes to Berk in "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", Astrid loses several metal objects from her household. The other Riders report the same. When they find out that Smothering Smokebreaths intentionally planted by the Beserkers via Trader Johann were the cause of it, she helps gather the remaining metal and drop them on Dagur's incoming ship to lure the Smokebreaths there.

Hiccup brings three adolescent Thunderdrums in "Bing! Bam! Boom!" and attempts to train them, only to fail, much to her displeasure.

Astrid hugging Stormfly COPI

During a drill in "Cast Out, Part 1", Astrid is knocked off Stormfly due to Snotlout's recklessness and rebellion against hiccup's orders. Astrid soon regains consciousness and rushes to beat Snotlout up. Furious, Hiccup suspends Snotlout from the team. That night, the team returns to see their dragons fighting against one another in the Academy. Astrid, the twins, and Fishlegs rushes in, and notice the Dragon Root. Meatlug grabs the Root as she is immune to its effect, while the rest dodge the attacks. The Berserkers, who left the Root there, reveal themselves and force Hiccup, who is outside, to surrender but instead, capture Stoick who rushed to the rescue. In "Cast Out, Part 2", Astrid helps Hiccup control the crowd of distressed villagers. After Hiccup surrenders himself to the Berserkers, Astrid devises a plan with the remaining Riders, to lure the Screaming Death with the Root to Outcast Island. They break Stoick and Hiccup out and return back to Berk.

Creating the Dragon Races

In a flashback during which most of Dawn of the Dragon Racers takes place, Astrid and the other Dragon riders are catching sheep who are running around Berk, which turns into a competition to collect as many sheep as possible. When Hiccup is made acting chief by Stoick in his absence, Astrid persuades Hiccup to continue the Dragon Race as it is a great way to blow off steam. During one race, when Astrid and Snotlout are heading for the black sheep, due to neither of them backing off, they violently collide, resulting in Astrid breaking her left arm and rendering her unable to participate.

That's um embarrassing

When Stoick returns and finds out that Hiccup has replaced the Regatta with Dragon Racing (for the good of the people), Stoick proceeds with the Dragon Race and appoints Astrid as the referee for the first annual Berk Dragon Race. After Team Snotnuts' (Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut) "black" sheep is revealed to be just a sheep coated with black paint and Team Hiclegs (Hiccup and Fishlegs) brings home the real black sheep, Astrid announces a reversal in which Team Hicclegs is declared as the winner.

Founding the Edge and Dagur's Return

Astrid: "You were right Hiccup. There's so much more out here and its beautiful."
Hiccup: "And this is only the beginning Astrid. Who knows what we'll find out here?"[src]

Three years after the First Berserker War, Astrid and Stormfly were accepted into the Berk Guard in "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1". However, she then went with Hiccup and the other riders to track down Dagur the Deranged in the Ship Graveyard. There, she and the other riders waited for Dagur while Hiccup and Toothless explored The Reaper. Unfortunately, Astrid and the other riders were then captured by Dagur and his men and place in one of The Reaper's cages.

Get out of here

Promptly after the events in the first episode, in "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2", she and the others were then rescued from the sinking Reaper. Astrid then went with Hiccup, Gothi, and the other riders to Glacier Island. There, they searched for a Snow Wraith in order to get a tooth to unlock the Dragon Eye. They were successful.

Astrid and the other riders then looked at symbols projected from the Dragon Eye in "Imperfect Harmony", seeing new dragons and places. She then went with Hiccup and the other riders to search for Dagur beyond the Archipelago's borders.

After they camped out on an island, Astrid and the other riders then searched the island for their dragons. They then found that their dragons had been cocooned in rock-solid substance by a new dragon, the Death Song. She pushed Hiccup from getting shot by the amber rock substance and got cocooned in the substance. They, along with their dragons were rescued and freed by Hiccup and Earsplitter.

Astrid giving Hiccup two thumbs up

In "When Darkness Falls", Astrid and the others then searched for an island to act as their outpost. After finding an island, Astrid then offered up her design for their outpost. She and the others then discovered a flock of Night Terrors. Astrid then defended the flock from Changewings. She then helped reunite the alpha night terror, Smidvarg with his flock and allowed his flock to share their outpost.

Astrid and the other riders then returned to Berk to remove a Scauldron from the fishing lanes during the events of "Big Man on Berk". At first, they failed but were able to relocate it after Fishlegs/Bonecrusher failed to tame the Scauldron.

During the events of "Gone Gustav Gone", she was the first to report to Hiccup that Gustav Larson was on the Edge. She was later tasked to take care of him, much to her displeasure. She brought Gustav to help her train, but as he was distracted by her beauty, Gustav failed to help her with her training.

Tumblr nqjqwkyjQk1rkiqugo3 1280

When Freworms flock to their island and the twins were crowned rulers of Dragon's Edge in "Reign of Fireworms", Astrid was assigned to be the Royal Brush Clearer and she reluctantly accepts it. She was the first to be sent to 'the dungeon' for breaking the rules. When the rest of the team was captured, Hiccup suggests breaking out. The twins soon come over, for the Fireworms were burning the island and requested for their help on the condition that everyone was 'ruler'. Astrid later helps clear the island of foliage, and leads the Fireworms away.

Astrid, much like the other Riders, had to take shifts searching for the rogue Rumblehorn in "Crushing It". When Hiccup and Stoick left to search for it, she was in charge of repairing the Edge from the destruction. After realizing that a tsunami wave was heading to the Edge, she and Stormfly reinforced a wall to block the wave and used the latter's spine-shots to seal cracks in the wall.

Astrid remarks to Hiccup that the twins' watch tower was going to be a disappointment in "Quake, Rattle and Roll". She later helps Fishlegs in Dark Deep to chase the Catastrophic Quaken away.

Hiccup having just handed Astrid something

Astrid and the other riders were getting supplies in "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1", then went to a ship to investigate an attack by a rogue rider and their dragon. There, Astrid found a spike as sharp as Stormfly's. At the great hall, Astrid then had Stormfly light up the Dragon Eye to find information on the Sharp-class dragon. Promptly after the previous events, Astrid and the other riders went to an island with sea slugs. However, Astrid and Stormfly were then trapped in a cave by rogue rider's dragon, who turned out to be Heather.

Astrid after saying but I still have you

During the events of "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2", Astrid and Heather have some 'girl time', where they hung out and she found out about Heather's plan to defeat Dagur's fleet. She was reluctant to help, but then changed her mind and convinced the other riders to help. Astrid then assisted Heather in attacking Dagur and his fleet using her 'element of surprise' technique that she shared with Heather. However, they ended their attack when Dagur's reinforcements arrived and Heather realized that Dagur was her brother. Back at the Edge, Heather decides to leave to think, much to Astrid's despair. She bids her goodbye and Hiccup apologized to Astrid, saying that they had become really close. Astrid smiles back and remarks that she still has him.

Astrid then looked, along with the other riders how Hiccup tests his flight suit in "The Next Big Sting" and stops him after he fails multiple times. She then helps training a Speed Stinger and fight against the other flightless dragons.

Snotlout was threatened with the loss of his dragon in "Total Nightmare" and Astrid and the gang helped to round up several dragons to convince him to stay. When he later faces off with the Titan Wing Nightmare, she exhibits concern for him and reminds him to be careful.

War with the Dragon Hunters

Astrid: "You don't understand, they were all in cages... and they have Stormfly!"
Hiccup: "Whoa whoah whoah whoah, wait slow down, ...cages? What are you talking about? What happened out there?"
Astrid: "Dragon Hunters."
Hiccup: "Dragon Hunters?"
Astrid: "A whole fleet of them."[src]

After Dagur attacks Berk and destroys her parents' house in "Team Astrid", Astrid decides to stay on Berk and prepare new auxiliary riders. As a strict and somewhat overbearing teacher, she constantly pointed out their mistakes in order to stay in Berk longer which Hiccup acknowledged. She was reluctant to agree but knew that deep down, he was right. After she learned that the Edge needs her, she left the auxiliary riders under the command of Gustav.

Night of the Hunters part I27

Astrid went for a morning flight on Stormfly during the events of "Night of the Hunters, Part 1", when Stormfly was captured and Astrid was left stranded in the ocean. Hiccup was worried about her being gone all day even though Fishlegs reassured him that she was fine but Hiccup had the riders go look for her and Hiccup saved her from drowning. They went looking for the dragon hunters but all of them were captured except for Hiccup and Snotlout. When they were captured they discovered Heather was working with the hunters.

In "Night of the Hunters, Part 2", she was then taken to Ryker so she could tell him about the Dragon Eye. Then she tried to escape along with the riders but failed after Heather defeated her. After that, she was put to work with Tuffnut. When Hiccup and Snotlout came in for the rescue, she 'fought' Heather again and 'won'. In actual fact, Heather was revealing that she was working undercover with the Hunters to find out who the Head of the Hunters was. She, along with the rest of the riders escaped and went back to the Edge.

She tried along with the other riders to convince Tuffnut that he was not turning into a Lycanwing in "Bad Moon Rising".


She was then ordered by her parents to accompany Snotlout and Hiccup to the Island of Friga to attend a wedding between the Jorgensons and Hoffersons in "Snotlout Gets the Axe". However, en route to the wedding, Snotlout dropped the Ceremonial Axe on Iron Isle. There, they found it on the back of the Armorwing, Bandit. They tried to pry it off to no avail. She then went along with his plan to use the Smothering Smokebreaths. It succeeded, but they needed to defend Bandit from the Smokebreaths. After giving Bandit some metal, Astrid and the others got to the island. However, the wedding was called off.

When Toothless was on Berk and Hiccup was captured by the Hunters in "The Zippleback Experience", she pointed out that something was not right. Upon Barf and Belch's distress call, she and the other riders headed there.

Snow Way Out17

During the events of "Snow Way Out", Astrid learned from Heather that Ryker and his hunters were heading to Glacier Island to capture the Snow Wraiths for their teeth. She told Hiccup and the riders that the information was from Trader Johann. However, in truth, she and Heather were working together without Hiccup's knowledge to bring the hunters down from the inside. Astrid then learned from Heather that Snow Wraiths would burrow into a cave for hibernation period. She then saved Hiccup when one of Ryker's men tried to shoot him. During their pursuit of Heather and Ryker, Astrid revealed that Heather was working with them as a spy. At the Edge, she told Hiccup that Viggo Grimborn, not Ryker, was the leader of the dragon hunters.

Astrid was then left in command of the Edge with only the twins when Hiccup, Snotlout, and Fishlegs went to rescue Trader Johann near Forest Island in "Edge of Disaster, Part 1". During this time, Astrid became frustrated with the twins due to their lack of following her orders. Ruffnut, filled with anger, snaps at Astrid for not respecting her and her brother.


However, when the Hunters and Berserkers took Ruffnut hostage and attacked the Edge, she and Tuffnut Thorston defended the edge using his ideas. Her initial idea was to take them down, with carefully devised military tactics. After they fail, Tuffnut proposes his idea to 'Loki' the Hunters. Though initially skeptical, she gave him a chance after realizing that saving Ruff meant more to him than anything. Together, they were able to hold off the Hunters until Hiccup, the other riders, and Scardian's pack arrived to help. She made up with Ruffnut and remarks to Hiccup that working with Tuffnut to hold the Hunters off was truly teamwork.

When Fishlegs discovered a Seashocker in the Edge's lagoon during the events of "Shock and Awe", Astrid and the others then assisted Fishlegs in defending it from a pod of Scauldrons. Later that night for Loki day, she and Stormfly moved the twins huts to a sea stack.

In "A Time to Skrill", Astrid, Hiccup and the other riders investigated Outcast Island when they realized that it had been attacked by the Frozen Skrill. They quickly headed back to Berk, only to see that the Skrill had attacked the village. She, along with the rest, had to cover the downed Auxillary Riders. They attempted to lead it away and seal it into a glacier but the Skrill saw through the trap. Hiccup lured it away alone, as it appeared that the Skrill only wanted to attack him and led it to Dagur and the Hunters, hoping for them to catch it, where he can seize it away promptly after. He returns to the Edge, disheartened, but Astrid comforts him, saying that while he isn't perfect, it did not matter. What mattered was that he cared for the dragon and the team's safety and that they were going to solve it as a team. They were able to get it from the Hunters, but Hiccup decided to let it go.

Maces and Talons part Ione

Astrid and the other riders freed dragons from Ryker's and Dagur's fleet in "Maces and Talons, Part 1". During this time, she became concerned that the Hunters would discover Heather as a spy. Astrid and Hiccup then met up with Heather, who told them about Viggo's plan to capture a Flightmare. However, Astrid and the other riders lost the Flightmare to Viggo's hunters and Heather was captured. Astrid then became worried about Heather. She then helped Hiccup search Viggo's ship for any clues.

After reaching the Hunters' island and finding her in "Maces and Talons, Part 2", they were able to scare off the Flightmare. However, Astrid then lost track of Heather but reassured Hiccup that the Dragon Eye is useless to Viggo without a Snow Wraith tooth.

Dragon Hunter War Continues

Hiccup: "This might be just the beginning."
Astrid: "Of what?"
Hiccup: "Something Viggo said about knowing where the "supply" was. You don't think he could have unlocked the Dragon Eye, do you?"
Astrid: "How? He doesn't have a Snow Wraith key."
Hiccup: "But he found the Buffalord on his own. And we need to find out how."[src]

Months after the Viggo incident, Astrid reluctantly allowed Hiccup to conduct a patrol with only Toothless in "Enemy of My Enemy".

In "Crash Course", Astrid assisted Hookfang and Snotlout in helping the Fireworm Queen rid her nest of the Cavern Crasher.

After exploring with Hiccup in "Follow the Leader", Astrid berated Snotlout and the twins for wasting the monstrous nightmare gel.

Buffalord Soldier 5

During a patrol in "Buffalord Soldier", Astrid and Stormfly came across a boat. She then looked at the boat but then realized that it was a plague ship. She was then scratched by one of the victims of the plague. Astrid then returned to the edge but the plague, the Scourge of Odin, had made her sick. She was then left to rest. Astrid was then brought to Odin's Respite to be cured by the Buffalord's saliva mixed with the island's grass. Hiccup laid her down, telling her that he could not live in a world without her. However, Viggo and his hunters arrived and captured the Buffalord. However, Hiccup allowed Viggo to take the Buffalord in exchange for the cure, much to Astrid's displeasure. Astrid was then cured. After that, Astrid led the team to the fishing boat, where they set the boat on fire, as a Viking tribute to the victims' deaths and bravery. She and Hiccup were the last ones to leave the site, Hiccup troubled by Viggo while Astrid, taking in the scene. She then remarked to him that she could not imagine a world without him either.

A Grim Retreat33

Astrid and Fishlegs were then able to convince Hiccup to allow him, the dragons and the other riders to take a vacation to the Island of Friga during the events of "A Grim Retreat". However, Astrid and the other riders' dragons then attacked them when they affected by Grimoras, creatures that stick on to dragon skin. She and the other riders hid in the bushes. Astrid was then able to free Stormfly by touching her soft spot and push into the ocean.

Astrid then discovered that Fishlegs was receiving airmail from Heather in "To Heather or Not to Heather". She helped Heather settle down with her gear.

Astrid and Hiccup hugging

She gets worried when she finds out Hiccup ended in a Hunter trap in "Stryke Out". When the rest of the gang find a live Hunter, they capture him for interrogation. Astrid bursts into the tent in the middle of the twins' interrogation, lying that another Hunter revealed their location. The Hunter escaped and secretly released a Terror Mail to inform Viggo. Asrtid and the team quickly followed the Terror, read the note and followed it to Hiccup's location. Astrid helps locate Hiccup and get him out of the Hunter trap.

She tries to train the baby death song, Garff, by singing songs to it in "Tone Death", only to be blasted by bits of amber.

Astrid, Heather, and Snotlout discover that the marble the hunters are mining is being used to construct a dragon-proof fortress in "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" that will end the possibility of a trapped dragon's escape, or the penetration of any dragon outside.

Family On the Edgehiccstrid6

Astrid is shocked to learn Dagur is an "ally" of Hiccup during the events of "Family on the Edge" and distrusts him at first calling him a traitor, but when she helps him practice dragon riding, she realizes he is trying to create a new image of himself. When Dagur sees the Dragon Riders' plan against the hunters. She, along with Hiccup and the others lock him up despite him telling them the Hunters are trapping them.

While the rest of the gang sets out to find the dragons in "Last Auction Heroes", Astrid and Heather stayed behind as backup, ready to save any Rider who faces Dragon Hunters. Eventually, they both got caught. Thankfully, with Gobber's new friend, Grump, they broke out. She headed off to find Stormily, but when the Riders gather, they realize Hiccup rapidly sinking to the bottom of the ocean as he was weighed down by a chest. Astrid and Stormily rush into the water to retrieve him. Astrid then comforts him when he realized that Viggo had taken all of Berk's gold, remarking that they had saved a lot of dragons.

Defenders of the Wing Part 133

At the beginning of the episode "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1", while she was fighting against the dragon hunters, she gets shot in her leg. Upon learning that Hiccup had received a letter from Viggo, Astrid and Heather follow him to meet the Hunter on an isolated seas stack. They circle the island, ready to attack should Viggo attack. Later, when Hiccup was really thrown into the pit of Speed Stingers, she explained to Heather that Hiccup could train almost all dragons—with the exceptions of some like the Speed Stinger. When he was shoved in, she rushed forward, only to be stopped by Mala. The Riders later retaliated, and Astrid tackled her captors, grabbing their weapons. After Hiccup then convinces Mala that they are not working for the Dragon Hunters, Mala frees them and gives them a tour of her island. They go to the cave where the Great Protector is supposed to be only to find him gone, Astrid then spots a Dragon Root arrow on the ground and realizes Viggo had tricked them and stole the Eruptodon. Furious that her dragon is gone, Mala turns again on the Dragon Riders and begin to surround them.

Dragon Hunter War Ends

Astrid: "What’s wrong?"
Hiccup: "Nothing’s wrong. It’s just... Well, yeah, Tuff’s right, this is huge. Viggo, Berk, the Edge and my dad placing his trust in me. If the mission fails, we could lose the Dragon Eye forever. That could mean the end of the dragons. They could be hunted to extinction. And I..."
Astrid: "But, they won’t be. Because this mission will not fail."[src]
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The episode "Defenders of the Wing, Part 2" takes place where the first part left off as Mala and the Defenders of the Wing begin to surround the Dragon Riders. Hiccup then tries one last time to convince Mala that Viggo had set them up and took the Eruptodon, and promises to go after the Dragon Hunters and bring their dragon back. Mala agrees on the condition that she travels with the Dragon Riders; promising to kill Hiccup if he fails or betrays her. But as they prepare to leave, they notice two Dragon Hunters hiding in the bushes. After Mala manages to drag them out by herself Astrid interrogates them asking which way Viggo went. The tell the Dragon Riders that Viggo went North with the Eruptodon, so that is the direction they head in. They spot a Dragon Hunter ship with Hunters who are ready to battle the Dragon Riders. Hiccup has Mala, who is riding with Snotlout, to stay back since she is not used to fighting while on a dragon. After Hiccup, Fishlegs and Astrid manage to fight the Dragon Hunters, Hiccup decides to search below deck for Viggo. Hiccup and Toothless searched but found no trace of Viggo or the Eruptodon. Mala, however, decides to have Snotlout (who she has selected to be her king) pardon Hiccup, after seeing him and Toothless in battle. The Dragon Riders and Mala realize that the two Hunters left behind were a misdirect, meaning Viggo went South instead of North. While flying, Mala appears to be upset knowing that the Eruptodon is hungry and must constantly eat lava to survive, its hunger is so great that the Eruptodon can eat through the crust of a dormant volcano for its food. Realizing that there is a dormant volcano on Dragon's Edge, Hiccup, and the others learn that Viggo is going to use the dragon to destroy their home. Once they get to Dragon's Edge, Viggo and his men are already there and using the weapons the Dragon Riders built against them, like Astrid's ballista.

Astrid appears to have bad hair when she wakes up every morning in "Gruff Around the Edges".

In "Midnight Scrum", Astrid and Hiccup learn that Viggo has placed a bounty on Hiccup. Despite her wanting to tell Stoick about the bounty, Hiccup says no since he knows his dad has too much to worry about with Berk's being broke. Later that night Astrid hears Stoick calling Hiccup's name and searching for him with Toothless. She tells Stoick about the bounty on Hiccup and goes with him and the other Riders to save Hiccup. Astrid even helps Hiccup stand when they find him without his prosthetic leg.

Not Lout

Saving Shattermaster

Astrid appears to be scared when Hiccup nearly drowned but is relieved when he regains consciousness in "Dire Straits".

In "The Longest Day", Astrid suffers from uncontrollable euphoria due to lack of sleep.

Gold Rush

In "Out of the Frying Pan", Astrid and Throk try to save Hiccup, Queen Mala, and Fishlegs after the three went into a cave inside the volcano. They end up, however, getting stuck themselves. As Astrid is about to pass out due to the heat, Throk pleads not to close her eyes and tells her to stay awake for Hiccup and Queen Mala, Astrid then stutters Hiccup's name. The two are then saved by Hiccup, Mala, and Fishlegs.



In "Blindsided", Astrid and Hiccup are trying to train Sleuther. After being told by Fishlegs that there were multiple storm fronts approaching, they went back to the main base of the Edge to help bat down the hatches. Astrid was the storm warden, as voted by the others according to Fishlegs. Later, after everything has been put into safety and everyone is in the clubhouse Astrid asks Fishlegs whether he had locked the stable doors. Fishlegs is not sure, so Astrid heads back out to check. She heads there and the stable is set on fire by a lightning strike, and Astrid is telling all the dragons to get out of the stables, and then goes back in to free a trapped dragon. While heading out of the stables a bolt of lightning struck right in front of her, making her blind and knocking her out. Hiccup rescues Astrid and takes her back to the clubhouse. Astrid wakes up and says she can not see, and the gang finds out that Astrid is blind. Hiccup has the other leave so he can talk to Astrid alone. He tries to be an encouragement to Astrid, which she realizes but doesn't work. Hiccup then tells her to get some sleep, and Astrid requests him to stay with her, which he does. The next morning, Astrid is given the Thorston test checking to see if she can see or not, which Tuffnut incorrectly assumes she is fine. Hiccup and the others are about to head out, and Astrid wants to go find Stormfly, but Hiccup refuses to let her go, putting his foot down. Astrid ends up going with Hiccup and hugs him while on Toothless when he says he is glad that she is here. Toothless lands in a clearing and Astrid calls out for Stormfly but trips over a rock and Hiccup dives and catches her. After getting back up, Astrid hears Stormfly and finds her and goes and hugs her. The moment is short lived as Sleuther shows back up and Hiccup and Astrid are forced to fight. Hiccup tells Astrid to go hide somewhere, and Astrid refuses. She tries to get onto Stormfly but she does not let her for her safety. Toothless then grabs Astrid and moves her out of the way of an attack by Sleuther, placing her behind a rock. Astrid stays there as Hiccup and Toothless fight Sleuther and successfully drive him away. Astrid feels hopeless and useless, but Hiccup says that she isn't. He also tells her they have been through a lot together and that there will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Hiccup acts like he is going to kiss Astrid but is interrupted by Sleuther returning, causing him to grab Astrid and dive out of the way with her. Astrid goes behind a rock again, staying out of the fight. Astrid listens to the noise that Sleuther makes when he is about to attack and shushes Snotlout, and the twins so she can continue to listen to Sleuther. Astrid then hops on Stormfly and flies in firing several spikes at Sleuther.

Hiccup and Astrid Kissing Blindsided

After landing, Astrid grabs a couple of the spikes and walks toward Sleuther, and Hiccup tries to stop her, but she says she knows what she is doing. Astrid bangs the spikes together and calms Sleuther down and then touches his nose when she gets close enough. Later, Astrid has her sight restored by Gothi, and immediately after gets up and hugs Hiccup. Later, Hiccup and Astrid are sitting on the Edge of the stables, and Astrid asks Hiccup if he tried to kiss her earlier, which he confirms, to which she asks him why not. Hiccup responds that he was waiting for the perfect moment to kiss her, but that moment was not the perfect moment. Astrid, then says that right now is a perfect time to share a kiss, after which she shares a kiss with Hiccup, their first kiss as a couple, which starts their romantic relationship.

Shell Shocked, Part 1

She gets captured by Viggo near the end of "Shell Shocked, Part 2", and is held hostage with her axe to her throat. Viggo threatens to kill Astrid unless Hiccup gives him the Dragon Eye. Hiccup, infuriated, tosses the Dragon Eye in the volcano, Viggo lets Astrid go to retrieve it but fails as it falls into the volcano. But the edge near the volcano crumbles under Viggo's feet and he falls to his supposed demise. After that, Hiccup and Astrid agree to keep their relationship out of the war with the dragon hunters, and Astrid pulls Hiccup in and they share a kiss.

Facing a New Leader of the Hunters, and his Dragon Flyers

Hiccup: "It's gonna take something we've never thought of to get around that."
Astrid: "But you'll come up with it."
Hiccup: "Thank you. How do you know that?"
Astrid: "Because Hiccup Haddock is the wisest, most talented and brave Dragon Trainer on Earth. And he always comes up with it."[src]

In "Living on the Edge", Astrid went with Hiccup to collect Death Song amber from Garf and his adopted father on Melody Island. However, they discovered that Garf's father was taken and Garf had been seriously wounded. This convinced her and Hiccup that the Dragon Hunters were still a threat despite Viggo's supposed death.

In "Sandbusted", Astrid is trying to come up with something to give to Hiccup as a betrothal gift, as it has been almost sixth moon cycles since her betrothal to Hiccup was announced. Astrid says she knows Hiccup better than Fishlegs, and that a getting a gift for Hiccup is difficult because he is not your ordinary Viking. Later after being told by Hiccup that they got a Terror Mail from Johann, Astrid avoids talking to Hiccup by saying that they should not leave Johann waiting. After getting to the Northern Markets, Astrid along with the twins and Fishlegs tries to find a gift for Hiccup, but nothing is good enough to give to Hiccup according to Astrid. Soon, Toothless comes back and Astrid realizes Hiccup is trouble. After going to where Toothless led them, Tuffnut finds Hiccup's leg and claims it for reasons that anger Astrid. Astrid then grabs Hiccup's leg from Tuffnut and yells at him, clearly angry at what Tuffnut said, and yell the word tears at Tuffnut causing him to break down again and cry.

Astrid learns that the twins bought a map and uses it with no success at first. After temporarily giving up, Astrid looks at the map and realizes the symbols on the map match the places she can see and decides to keep looking for Hiccup. Shortly thereafter, Astrid and the others break into the place Hiccup and Snotlout are trapped and free them, with Astrid having Toothless grab Hiccup.
Astrid smiling after Hiccup tells her that she is the only gift he needs
After talking to Johann, Hiccup stops Astrid and says he needs to talk to her. Hiccup then gives Astrid his betrothal gift to her, which was his dad's betrothal gift to his mom. Astrid says the gift is perfect and adds that she was unable to find him a gift. Hiccup replies that Astrid did get him a gift, herself, and that is the only gift he needs. Astrid at that shares a hug with Hiccup. After the hug, Astrid along with Hiccup realize whose sword Snotlout has and wonders who could have brought it here.

In "Something Rotten on Berserker Island", Astrid went with Hiccup and the other riders to attend Gustav Larson's apprenticeship graduation on Berserker Island. After the ceremony turned into a coup, Astrid, Hiccup, Fishlegs and Heather went to free their dragons from the Berserker Stables and fight. However, after the dragons were released, the four teens remembered that they won't go near the island, so they had to fight by themselves. Astrid used her axe during the battle against the rebel Berserkers. In the end, Astrid and the other teens succeed in stopping the coup and imprison Savage and his followers.

Snotlout's Angels

A Matter of Perspective

Return of Thor Bonecrusher

Dawn of Destruction

The Wings of War, Part 1

The Wings of War, Part 2

No Dragon Left Behind


Searching for Oswald... and Chicken

Sins of the Past

Race for the King of Dragons

All right, Dragon Riders! Get ready to fight like you've never fought before! This is our time! This is where we shine! [src]
  — Astrid  

In Plain Sight

No Bark, All Bite

Chain of Command

Loyal Order of Ingerman

A Gruff Separation

Mi Amore Wing

Ruff Transition

Triple Cross

Family Matters

Darkest Night

Guardians of Vanaheim

King of Dragons, Part 1

King of Dragons, Part 2

Helping Hiccup Accept His Destiny and Drago's Coming

Viking astrid gallery 01

Astrid, in her racing colors in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Astrid: "What if Drago shot them down? What if they need our help? We have to find them."
Fishlegs: "What? But Stoick said..."
Astrid: "It doesn’t matter what he said, if they’ve all been captured. Come on!"[src]

Astrid is first seen at the beginning of How to Train Your Dragon 2, where she participates in Dragon Racing with her friends on Berk, during which she emerges victorious. During the race, Hiccup's father, Stoick, happily refers to her as "my future daughter-in-law," which suggests either that the relationship between Astrid and Hiccup has progressed to the point where he sees them getting married or that Hiccup and Astrid are actually betrothed.

After winning the race, Stoick approaches her and they have a meaningful conservation, in which the former chief remarks that he had wanted a daughter.

She then almost immediately flies off to find Hiccup and Toothless, eventually catching up with them on an island in the remote areas of Berk (which Hiccup had named Itchy Armpit). Hiccup reveals to her that he has been avoiding his father who has pressured him to become Chief. The news of Hiccup becoming Chief makes Astrid overly excited, but Hiccup is unsure if he is ready to take on such a duty. As Hiccup begins to doubt himself, claiming he is not like his father and hasn't met his mother since he was a baby, Astrid comforts him and tells Hiccup what he is searching for is not out there, but inside himself.

Viking astrid gallery 02

Astrid after Stoick's funeral.

She then gives him a kiss on the cheek before they both see smoke coming from the distance. After discovering the destroyed fortress of Eret, Son of Eret, and hearing about the tyrannical Dragon God by the name of Drago Bludvist, they fly back to Berk to inform Stoick of what they have heard and witnessed. Stoick then orders the villagers to fortify and protect the island from a potential attack as Hiccup chases after him in a desperate attempt to reason with him, with Astrid following them. Astrid persuades Hiccup not to go back to Eret, only for Hiccup to give her a light kiss on her cheek before flying off on Toothless as the hangar doors are closing. Astrid flies off on Stormfly to catch up with Hiccup, barely managing to fly through the closing doors, seconds before they shut. They return to Eret to try to stop him from capturing dragons. Just then, Stoick and other dragon riders catch up to them, and Hiccup decides to go find Drago himself to try to reason with him. After he flies off on Toothless, Astrid mounts Stormfly as she prepares to follow him, but Stoick stops her, instead ordering her to lead the riders back to Berk before she can even take off.

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Astrid comforting Hiccup when Stoick died.

Later, when Hiccup fails to show back up at Berk, Astrid thinks Hiccup was captured by Drago and his men, unaware that Hiccup is actually with his long-lost mother, so she kidnaps Eret so that he can show them the way to Drago. At first, Eret declines, but Astrid drops him from a great height before getting Stormfly to catch him, scaring him into taking them to Drago. The group is captured shortly after arrival and sentenced to be executed. Eret then defects and assists Astrid in freeing Stormfly. After Astrid finds Hiccup, she is relieved and asks him where he has been. Hiccup then tells her about his mother Valka and she is surprised to see her still alive. Soon, Stoick is killed by Drago and his Bewilderbeast using a mind-controlled Toothless. Arriving at the scene of Hiccup and Valka crying over the dead body of Stoick, she rushes over to Hiccup and places her comforting arm on him tenderly while he is crying on Stoick's hand. Drago's Bewilderbeast then takes control of all the other dragons—including Stormfly—and heads for Berk with a much larger dragon army.

Astrid and the others shoot flaming arrows onto Stoick's ship to give the chief a funeral. She then listens as Hiccup declares that he will continue his father's legacy and that they will go back to Berk, defeat Drago, and rescue Toothless and the other dragons. They fly back to Berk riding on baby Scuttleclaws, who are immune to the Bewilderbeast's control. During the final battle against Drago and his Bewilderbeast, Astrid cheers Hiccup on as he and Toothless face off against the evil Dragon God. After Hiccup and Toothless return the dragons back to their side and defeat Drago and his Bewilderbeast, Astrid is happily reunited with Stormfly and hugs her. She walks over to Hiccup, happy to see what he has finally found, reminding him that it was inside himself what he had been searching for, as she had told him earlier. She teasingly pokes his chest, causing the glide fin on his back to pop out, and they both laugh. Hiccup then pulls Astrid into another kiss, saying, "Come here, you." After the kiss, she celebrates as Hiccup is coroneted the new Chief of Berk.

After the War

Hiccup: "Don't worry, Berk won't be neglected, because I'm appointing you as acting chief while I'm away!"
Astrid: "Oh, really? Yay! Then my first decree is to appoint Gobber as the new acting chief while I keep our actual chief out of trouble."[src]

When an emissary from Nepenthe came to Berk, seeking help, Hiccup decided to help him. He appointed Astrid as acting chief, but she quickly gave the role to Gobber so that she could look after Hiccup.

On the way to Nepenthe, the riders were accompanied by Tidal Class dragons, greeting their new Alpha. Astrid even touched a Seashocker, while joking about Snotlout. When the riders were approaching the destination, they heard an earthquake coming from the island. Astrid stated that it must be problem Calder told them about.

When they arrived on the island, Astrid suggested that the numerous hot pools could be Screaming Death tunnels, although they wouldn't be filled with water. She then met Mik, the king of Nepenthe. Later, she found tunnels underneath the island but stated that they were too small for a Screaming Death.

At dinner, she didn't allow Snotlout to eat, but the other dragons began eating all the food anyway. Suddenly, most dragons and riders collapsed, except for Astrid, Hiccup, Eret, Valka and their dragons. Calder appeared from behind and Astrid took a battle-ready position. She then realized that there was something in the hot pools that made the others fall asleep. When Calder revealed his dragon scale tattoos, Astrid was quite shocked.


Astrid was then locked up along the others, listening to Calder's speech. When Hiccup broke free, Astrid covered for him, allowing him to escape and bring their dragons. Before they could leave the island, some Foreverwings woke up, creating havoc in the village. Astrid then helped to get the people to safety. After Hiccup defeated Calder, she asked him if he was okay, to which he replied that he was "better off than The Serpent's Heir".

After returning back to Berk from Nepenthe, Hiccup appointed Astrid as his General to ensure Berk's continued growth and safety.

Telling Stories of the Fallen

After being trapped in a cave surrounded by rogue dragons, Astrid, the rest of the gang without dragons along with Gobber, Eret, and Valka sit around, waiting for Toothless—the only dragon around—to regain his energy. They share stories, and Astrid retells the brief events of her conversation with Stoick before following Hiccup to Itchy Armpit. Valka, upon hearing the story, expresses her gratitude to Astrid for taking care of Hiccup and being the daughter they always wanted. Soon, they light their weapons ablaze and break out of the cave.

Fighting the Silkspanners and the Dragonvine


Toothless reopens a cave on an unnamed island, Astrid, the other Dragon Riders, and company all fight off frenzied Silkspanners and free the other dragons caught up in the Silkspanner's webbing. The Silkspanners retreat. Astrid, along with Eret, Gobber and the Twins find an island covered in dragonvine with some seemingly helpless farmers. One of the people slaps Hiccup and Astrid jumps to his defense angrily.

Later, this group splits up and Hiccup, Gobber and Astrid return to the island with the Silkspanners. They find a mother and her hatchlings. Meanwhile, Toothless unknowingly carried a bulb of dragonvine tucked in his saddle and it grows explosively, poisoning him. The baby Silkspanners suddenly swarm over him, eating the dragonvine and somehow sucking out the poison, thus saving him. The group returns to the island, saving Eret, the Twins, and their dragons from the farmers, who were growing the dragonvine to protect themselves and their island from people like Drago Bludvist. The farmers and the riders come to terms, and the farmers welcome the Silkspanners back to their island. Hiccup says to Astrid that perhaps he should open Berk's borders to humans and dragons in need.

Threat of the Dragonroot Company

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Assisting a New Dragon Rider

Astrid has taken up crafting herbal tonics at some point after the events of How to Train Your Dragon 2. She encounters a stranger on the island of Havenholme and his strange dragon. After initially being suspicious, she realizes that the pair - Scribbler and Patch - are acquaintances of Hiccup. She offers to trade some herbs Scribbler has for some of her health tonics. She also helps him find the source of a distressed dragon's roar on the island. Later she helps deliver items and messages to Scribbler on his quest and continues to provide health elixirs.

Facing Grimmel the Grisly

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Astrid first appearance along with her fellow Dragon Riders on board a ship owned by the Warlords. Soon after aiding Hiccup in rescuing the captive dragon, she heads back to Berk. Later that evening, during dinner, she is detained by Gobber along with Hiccup, are suggested highly to get married which consequently leads to her storming away.

She later soars up a cliff on Berk to approach Hiccup and Toothless. They converse on a wide variety of pressing issues, including the forthcoming event of being attacked, the prospect of marriage, and the possibility of relocating to a land thought to exist beyond the edge of the world.


In the concurrent events of the "Hidden World" Expansion in School of Dragons, Harald Forkbeard is able to sneak into the School and set off a huge explosion. Astrid expresses self-recrimination at not having stopped Harald and causing damage to the School and putting lives in danger. She later accompanies the player to talk to Nikora Stormheart about the new threat in the Archipelago, Grimmel the Grisly. She show severe mistrust of Harald, but reluctantly agrees to listen to Nikora's thoughts. Astrid also has to face Cloudjumper in battle. The dragon has been drugged with Deathgripper venom, and mindlessly fires upon Astrid and Stormfly. They crash to the ground with only minor injuries.


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