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Astrid's Father is mentioned but not properly named in the DreamWorks Dragons franchise. He and his wife are finally seen in the third film.


Saying Farewell at the Docks

During a deleted scene from How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup is watching some of his peers say goodbye to their parents before the adults head off to find the "Dragon Nest", feeling isolated with his complicated relationship with his own father. One of the kids he watches is Astrid as she hugs her father farewell.

Loss of his Home

At some point during the episode "Team Astrid", Dagur attacked Berk, destroying several buildings, one of which was the house of Astrid's parents. Fortunately, the two were out at the Yak Races at the time and were perfectly safe. This event, however, spurred Astrid to form the Dragon Riders' Auxiliary to protect Berk at all times.

His Daughter's Wedding

He and his wife are first seen in the franchise very briefly when they duck out of the way of the rescued Crimson Goregutter's tail toward the beginning of the film. They are seen again toward the end during the wedding. Only the back of his head is seen clearly, but he does turn around to face the crowd after the marriage is officiated. He is seen beaming broadly and at the very end, raising his arms in celebration.

Physical Appearance

Astrid's father is of a large, stout build with a round face, brown hair and a bushy beard. He wears a yellow shirt, a blue jacket and dark brown boots.



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