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It's my betrothal gift to Astrid. It means we'll be together forever. [src]
  — Hiccup  

Hiccup Haddock gives this necklace to Astrid Hofferson as his betrothal gift to her in the episode "Sandbusted".


This was my father's betrothal gift to my mother. And he gave it to me, to give to you. [src]
  — Hiccup as he gives Astrid the necklace  

The necklace was initially a betrothal gift from Stoick to Valka. The chief later passed it down to his son, Hiccup, so that he would give it to his girlfriend, Astrid.

In "Sandbusted," Hiccup reveals that he intends to give it to Astrid to celebrate their six months' betrothal. Snotlout then suggests that he add a chain on it, so that it is a necklace instead of just a pendant. However, the necklace ends up getting stolen by Amos while Hiccup and the Dragon Riders are visiting the Northern Markets. After a series of misfortunate events, Hiccup eventually retrieves it back from the thief. He later uses it to reflect a small ray of daylight and distract a Wild Sandbuster. After he escapes from the dragon's lair, Hiccup presents it to Astrid.

Following Dagur and Mala's wedding announcement in "Mi Amore Wing", Astrid suddenly finds herself craving Hiccup's attention and affection. She decides to put the betrothal necklace on, hoping Hiccup will notice her wearing it and pay her attention. Hiccup remains oblivious to Astrid's efforts, though he does notice that something is bothering her, and they end up having a lover's spat which ends with Astrid tossing the necklace back at him. Hiccup holds on to it until he and Astrid properly reconcile again near the end of the episode. After a heartfelt confession and an exchange of apologies, Astrid accepts the necklace back.

In "King of Dragons, Part 1", Astrid is seen packing the necklace along with her other belongings as she and the Dragon Riders prepare for their journey back to Berk.


The necklace has the face of a Viking on the left side and the face of a dragon on the right. Due to age, the pendant itself appears to have rusted.

The pendant is held in a matching bronze chain.



  • The first time this information was released was in an exclusive clip on the Rise of Berk Facebook page.[1]
  • The gift was actually not initially a necklace and was only given a chain for Astrid to wear after Snotlout recommended it.
  • This is the second item to be passed down from Valka to Hiccup, via Stoick, the first being Hiccup's Viking helmet.
  • Hiccup gave Astrid the betrothal necklace six moon cycles after their betrothal was first announced. This means that they have been engaged for six months by the time of "Sandbusted".
  • It is possible that Nuffink is next in line to give this to his betroth


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