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Asgerd appeared in the Game, How to Train Your Dragon for the Nintendo DS, 360, and Wii.


Lost Heirloom

About a year after the defeat of the Red Death, Hiccup or Astrid (depending on who the player chooses to play) attempt to climb Dragon Tooth Mountain to obtain a bell from the top in order to qualify for the final Tournament round on Thors'day Thursday.

My old father's very ill, and asked me to come get the family rune staff from my brother's cottage up here on the mountain. But as I was coming back with it, a feral Dragon snatched it from me. I have no Dragon of my own yet. Can you help me get it back?
  — Asgerd  

Asgerd approaches them asking for help, as a wild Dragon grabbed the family rune staff he was carrying. Astrid or Hiccup help him out and find the staff, despite it setting them back on their quest.

But he's of my clan, Hiccup. I have to help him!
  — Astrid  

Later in the game, Gobber reveals to Hiccup or Astrid that the Berk elders planted people asking for help on Dragon Tooth Mountain as a test for the Thors'day Thursday contestants. It is possible Asgerd was part of the ruse.

Mentioned by Astrid Hofferson

In the game, School of Dragons, Asgerd is mentioned in the Quest, "Meet the Hairy Hooligan Clans". The player is asked to visit each of the Dragon Riders and find out a little bit about their clans, or familial House.

I'm from the Hofferson Clan! We have a proud history of smart strategists. Be careful of challenging us on hand to hand. I'd hand you your loss in a second! In my Clan, we also have Asfrid, Asgerd, and Asger.
  — Astrid in "School of Dragons"  



  • Please note, there may be variation in roles of minor characters in the game, depending which main character (Hiccup or Astrid) the player chooses to play as.
  • Asgerd looks exactly like Buffnut. There is not a lot of variations amongst the minor characters in this game.
  • The name "Asgerd" is actually an Old Norse female name.


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