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Six, the arrow-from-the-land-that-does-not-exist: that you must make things right in the Old World before you go looking for the New, and that sometimes the things that you are looking for are right here at home.
  Hiccup in the last book  

The arrow-from-the-land-that-does-not-exist is an arrow from America and the sixth of the ten King's Lost Things.


When BigjobNorbert the Nutjob's father was on an expedition to America, known as the-land-that-does-not-exist, to bring back a potato, he came into possession of the arrow which he then stuck into the potato promptly before his death, and stayed there for a number of years, soaking up the juices of the potato.

It was prized by the Hysterics for many years after Bigjob's death. When Hiccup stole the potato along with his friends Fishlegs and Camicazi, the arrow was stolen too and used to save Hiccup from Vorpentitis, a deadly disease caused by the sting of the Venomous Vorpent.

Physical Appearance

The arrow is most likely made from Native Americans at that time, as it has feathers around its base and a distinct red colour.


Cure for Vorpentitis: The arrow, which had been soaking in the juices of the potato, is therefore able to cure someone of Vorpentitis. 

King's Lost Things: The arrow is shown in Grimbeard the Ghastly's prophecy of the King's Lost Things to be the sixth of the ten things that the new King of the Wilderwest must have to cross the sands of Tomorrow.

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